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While thermostats help regulate heating temperature, the heat actually comes from the furnace. Furnaces are pieces of equipment that are usually found in the attic. They are responsible for introducing and maintaining indoor heat. Their value becomes more pronounced during winter.

Furnaces today are made up of two air systems. The first one includes the draft inducer fan motor, which introduces air into the gas burner, which can be fueled by either propane or natural gas. Sometimes electricity can also be used. The newly introduced air than creates warmth on the heat exchanger. However, since the heated air is toxic, it must be expelled outside the home. A small pipe connected to the furnace is then installed in the roof area. Before, the chimney did the job.

When the thermostat senses that the temperature has cooled, the cold air then goes through the return vent, passing through the heat exchanger, where is it heated before it goes back into the vent to warm the room. This process continues until the desired temperature is achieved and the furnace is automatically shut down.

Furnaces have to be maintained regularly so they always remain efficient. Furthermore, since air can contain dirt, it’s highly possible that the pipes can become clogged, forcing the furnace to require more power than it should.

Furnace Types Used in Decatur, AL

Gas Furnaces: Gas furnaces use natural gas as a power source and make use of a pilot light. Natural gas is less expensive than electricity when heating air, but it requires fuel lines to work.

However, gas furnaces can be used almost anywhere since gas is widely available. This makes them a popular choice. They also tend to heat up air faster than electric furnaces.

There is always a small risk of carbon monoxide leaks, so a yearly inspection of a gas furnace is well advised. Gas furnaces are also more expensive to install than electric ones but tend to be less expensive over a lifetime.

Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces work better in more moderate climates than colder ones. These units can work well if there are no natural gas lines, or if installing them would be too expensive. They don’t use gas and have no risk of carbon monoxide leaks, but they sometimes need to work harder than their gas counterparts when the weather gets very cold.

These furnaces work by pulling in air and using electrical elements to heat it, much like a hair dryer. A blower then blows the air out throughout a building. Electric furnaces are very efficient, but electricity is often more expensive than gas.

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