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Ventilation is the process of introducing clean air into your home while removing the stale air in the process. What is this stale air by the way? You get it from cooking, scrubbing floors with bleach, or painting the walls. Moreover, ventilation also prevents the buildup of humid air inside the house so it feels a lot cooler or more comfortable, and you don’t have any moisture that may cause breeding of molds and mildew.

A ventilation system can be as simple as a fan, which absorbs old air and bring it out then introduces clean air. This is usually natural air from outside. A ventilation system also has its own filter, which prevents anything that can negative affect the quality of air get into your home. These include pollen and dust.

By using a ventilation system, you can avoid being too dependent on your air conditioner or furnace, as well as heat pump.

There are many reasons why you need to maintain your ventilation systems. One, you want to be more compliant with certain federal or state guidelines, especially if you’re using a ventilation in an industrial or commercial building. Dust and dirt, among others, can greatly reduce its efficiency, which means a higher operating cost. Indirectly, by maintaining your ventilation, you may be able to spot cracks and gaps that can also reduce its efficiency level.

Different Types of Ventilation Systems used in Decatur, AL

Home Ventilation Systems come in a few different types: exhaust-only, supply, and balanced.

Exhaust-only systems remove air from a home, and then fresh outside air comes in to replace it naturally thanks to pressure changes. These types of fans are also used above stoves or in bathrooms.

Supply systems use fans to bring air into the home, and balanced systems bring in fresh air while venting out stale air. While balanced systems are efficient, they need two fans and two different duct systems to work, and thus more installation and maintenance.

Industrial Ventilation works with a larger area than home ventilation systems. These systems typically serve restaurants, warehouses, and other commercial buildings.

The fans used in these systems are stronger and more durable than in home systems, as they must work harder and move more stale air and heat from a building. Often, multiple fans are needed for such places. Fans are often made of stainless steel or aluminum to last a long time. They can work at higher speeds to keep up with demand.

These types of fans are very efficient at lowering temperatures in commercial and industrial settings and work better than air conditioning.

FREE in-home/business consultations for ventilation systems. Click Here or Call today, 256-686-3444.

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