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Geothermal systems make use of the heat stored by earth. The surface just beneath your feet is incapable of producing heat by itself, but it stores a lot of it, especially from the sun. Moreover, it is a good resource since the temperature is almost consistent, even during winters.

To use a geothermal systems for your home, you need to have a series of pipelines, which is also called a loop. It is filled with water, assisting the exchange of heat.

When you need a cooler air temperature, a special geothermal system that is designed for cooling temperature gets rid of the heat in any space, passing through cold water before it goes to earth. If you want a warmer temperature, the water is already hot getting hot energy from the ground to become warmer before this air is introduced into the house.

Because geothermal is a renewable resource, it can considerably reduce electric costs, especially since cooling and heating systems are huge energy consumers. & 

Why do you need to maintain your geothermal system? You can have leaks in the pipes. For example, even these are small, they can still immediately make the entire system inefficient due to heat loss. At some point, your pipe and geothermal systems components will become old and have to be replaced. This makes maintaining them a waste of money.

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