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If you’re running a business like a meat processing or a restaurant, then definitely you need a commercial refrigeration system. This appliance allows your food to have a longer shelf life since the coldness preserves it.

But how does it work? The process isn’t too different from any refrigerator, only that this one is heavy duty.

The basic idea of cooling your food is actually very simple: get rid of heat. In order to do that, all commercial refrigerators are equipped with a fluorocarbon. Before, it was CFC; today most units have HFC since it’s considered more environment friendly.

A compressor acts on the gas causing it to heat up before it passes through a series of coils. It is then treated with high pressure, which condenses the gas (it turns into liquid). Then it needs to be evaporated by applying low pressure before it goes into your refrigerator where it “removes” the hot temperature.

One of the major reasons why a commercial refrigerator should be maintained is your own health. Certain types of food have to be stored at certain temperature. Otherwise, bacteria can set in, making the individual prone to sickness if he gets to eat them.

Moreover, as a heavy-duty appliance, a commercial ref consumes significant electricity, but it wastes a lot if a leak or other technical issues isn’t resolved immediately.&

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