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It seems unimaginable to some to believe that air-conditioning units are very much like heat pumps. Perhaps it’s because heat is never synonymous with ACs. But then, whether you believe it or not, they follow a very simple and similar principle.

A heat pump is a device that moves heat from one place to another using two processes: evaporation and condensation. Most of the heat pumps make use of a refrigerant, which passes through a pair of coils that act as heat exchangers through a compressor. When the refrigerant is heated, it evaporates although at a lower pressure. In the process, heat is absorbed. On the other coil, the heat condenses using high pressure, then releasing the same heat absorbed.

What’s interesting about heat pumps, though, is that the process can be reversed, so they can actually work both as a heater and as a cooler or even an air-conditioning unit that can supply the needed air temperature at any time of the year.

There are many problems you may encounter with heat pumps, however, such as steam rising from the unit, ice freezing the coils, or the device itself just stops working altogether. Forgetting to maintain the unit may mean costly repairs later or an irreparable damage.

Different Types of Heat Pumps Used in Decatur, AL

Geothermal Heat Pumps. These heat pumps make use of the ground’s temperature to cool or heat your home. Sometimes, these pumps use groundwater for this purpose.

These pumps exchange heat between your home and the ground until the right temperature is reached. However, installation can be more expensive, as some parts will need to be installed underground. The main pro of these systems is that once installed, they are cheaper to run, as they use the ground itself to heat or cool your home.

Absorption Heat Pumps. These are newer units on the market. They can use gas or other energy sources to run, but they still use geothermal energy. These use ammonia as a refrigerant and are efficient because they can reclaim some lost heat.

These units are best for businesses, industrial settings, and larger homes.

Air Source Heat Pumps. These are the most common type. They work by transferring heat between the outdoor air and your home. Usually, they have been used in climates that don’t get temperatures below freezing often.

However, technology has made them useful in colder climates, and both ducted and ductless systems are available. These pumps can cut down on electricity use by about half.

FREE in-home/business consultations for heat pumps. Click Here or Call today, 256-686-3444.

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