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Learn More About This Unit Type:

A thermostat is a device that is used to regulate temperature, though it’s normally related to heating simply because it works together with the furnace. When the temperature inside a space turns low and you need some heat, it activates the furnace. If it’s the other way around, it boosts the air-conditioning unit.

These days, it’s rare to find thermostats that are mechanical, which normally come with levers and a dial so you can set the temperature. Most of the thermostats are already programmable, shutting off or turning on the heating and cooling systems depending on your desired temperature.

Because of how they are designed to work, thermostats are very sensitive to even slight changes in temperature. That’s why you have to maintain them so they can detect only correct temperature. Sometimes dust can cause a false reading, which may mean an A/C running even when you’re not around. Faulty readings can actually increase electric bills to as much as 7%.

On the other hand, there are times when thermostats have to be replaced, perhaps due to significant wear and tear or corrosion. Unless you maintain the units, however, you may not be able to know that it’s time to make the replacement.

Different Types of Thermostats used on Decatur, AL

Non-Programmable Thermostats are the oldest type, and though the least expensive, they have the fewest features. Most likely, these thermostats will have a simple on/off switch, a cool/heat switch, and a knob to control temperature. They lack the features needed to program the thermostat to change temperature at different times, or when you’re away.

Programmable Thermostats allow you greater control of your home temperature. They can be programmed to turn your AC or heat up and down during certain days, or certain times of the day. This allows for more efficient use of your system and lower energy bills.

Smart Thermostats are a popular choice. As you use it, it can “learn” when you normally turn your thermostat up and down. Once it knows a home’s normal pattern, it can take over adjusting the temperature for maximum efficiency. This leads to energy savings over time that will make up for the price of such units.

Wi-Fi Thermostats allow access from your phone, computer, or tablet, even when away, allowing control of your home’s temperature from anywhere with Internet access. These thermostats can also be programmed, and they allow the user to override a previous setting at any time.

FREE in-home/business consultations for thermostats.  Click Here  or Call today, 256-686-3444.

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