Don’t Suffer From the Hartselle Heat: Let SMS Keep You Cool This Summer

With 97-degree days being a common occurrence during the summer months, residents of Hartselle, Alabama, look forward to getting home to the comfort of their central air-conditioning system. You may get an unpleasant surprise if you return home after a long, hot day to find that your cooling system has failed because you’ve put off scheduling an important A/C repair. 

Signs That Your A/C Unit Needs Maintenance

  • Big Utility Bills: You may have noticed that your A/C has been running constantly without keeping the temperature at comfortable levels. This generally indicates that it requires maintenance. Our technicians will clean and lubricate the entire system, replace any worn parts and make sure that the thermostat is working properly. This should bring those bills back down and keep your system from failing.
  • Strange Noises or Hard Starts: If you hear unusual noises coming from your cooling system when it is running or it seems to have difficulty getting started, then you may be about to experience a complete system failure due to a bad compressor. If you call for service right away, our technicians may be able to replace the compressor before it fails completely and leaves you without any air conditioning. 
  • Full of Hot Air: The last thing you need during Alabama’s high summer months is an A/C system that blows only warm or hot air. This may indicate a variety of problems that include a malfunction of the fan in the air handler or a leak in the refrigerant line. Your cooling system will be carefully inspected to determine the cause of the hot air, and you can be sure that our technicians will find the problem and get it fixed. 

Save Money: Let SMS Fix These Issues Early

Don’t ignore these few signs or any others that may cause you to be concerned about your A/C unit. If you give us at SMS a call at 256-686-3444 as soon as you notice a problem, then chances are good that we can get our technicians right out to take care of the issue. When these things are left without repair, it’s always possible that an inexpensive air-conditioning repair could turn into the need for a complete new A/C installation.

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More about the City of Hartselle, AL

Hartselle is the second largest city in Morgan County, AL, United States, about 10 miles (16 km) south of Decatur, and is included in the Decatur Metropolitan Area, and the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area.

The City of Hartselle is comparatively young as towns go, having been established in 1870 as a site considered strategic alongside the South and North Alabama Railroad. Originally the growing village was located a half-mile north of the present downtown area; it had to pick itself up and move at the railroad’s request because the slopes of the old site made it impractical as a train stop and station.

Hartselle was named for George Hartselle, a founding father, and there are still some of his descendants in town. The town was recognized by the Post Office by the establishment of a postal facility in 1873, but was not chartered by the state until March 1875.

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