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Just because you’re indoors doesn’t have to mean that you’re already safe from pollutants. In fact, some studies suggest that your home can be just as polluted, if not even dirtier, than the outdoors.

Many types of pollutants can affect indoor air quality: pet dander, smoke from cigarettes, VOCs from paints, molds and mildew, pollen, and even bacteria and viruses. Unless these are properly filtered, they can continue to contribute to the rapid increase of people with allergies.

Fortunately, we already have purifiers these days. They work by filtering the air that passes through the device. Inside it are filters that act as sieve to trap the contaminants. The basic rule is that the finer the filter, the more efficient it is. HEPA filters, for example, are so small they can trap 99.9% of particles airborne.

But here’s a caveat: like any other appliance in your home, an air purification system requires regular maintenance. All those pollutants can accumulate in the filters, making the unit less efficient and less capable of trapping pollutants. Worse, this issue forces the system to work harder, thereby increasing its needed electric input. In other words, it can potentially increase your utility bill.

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