Benefits Of Ductless Heating and Cooling:

Are you looking to upgrade your home to a ductless heating and cooling system?  Ductless heating and cooling systems use a small-sized outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, and are known as split systems or split-ductless systems.  Here at Southeastern Mechanical Services, we are a top vendor for Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless system.  If you’re still on the fence about upgrading, here are five reasons to go ductless:

1.  It’s environmentally responsible.  Since it isn’t wasting valuable energy to push air through a large and complicated duct system, Mitsubishi’s ductless system boasts far better energy efficiency than other heating and cooling systems. Greater efficiency means far less fuel use, which of course means less pollution and greenhouse gases.  As an added bonus, this system lets you target chosen areas of your home with heat or cooling, and uses a special refrigerant that has no effect on the ozone layer.

2.  Better Air Quality.  Who likes coughing and sneezing all year round?  Call us to install your ductless system&  there will be no more ducts that need necessary professional cleaning.

3. They offer creativity and are customizable.  You’ll have the power to decide which areas of your home or business will receive heat or cooling.  This allows you to replace space heaters, window air conditioners, and other inefficient heating and cooling devices with ease.  In addition, Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless system is ideal if you’re looking to add additions to your home or business, such as a new room or building extension.

4. They’re simple and fast to install.  Without the need for complicated ductwork and invasive installation techniques, we can set up your new Mitsubishi ductless system in as little as one day.  All we have to do is run a small pipe through a hole that’s just a few inches wide, saving you from having to tear down your wall or ceiling.

5. They’ll save you lots of money.  When your heating and cooling system isn’t efficient, utility costs can quickly go up.&  Since ductless systems use less power, they translate into great savings in the long run.  Better yet, these systems let you cut heating or cooling to spaces you aren’t using, which will further decrease your energy bill.  Many users will be able to take advantage of tax credits and utility rebates as well. Hyper-Heating systems can heat your home even when the temperature drop to -13 degrees.

So, if you live around Decatur, Alabama or its surrounding cities and you’re looking to switch to a Mitsubishi ductless system, give us a call at Southeastern Mechanical Services. We’ll give you a free estimate and get you on your way to amazing energy savings.  By choosing SMS to install your Mitsubishi system, you will get a 12-year parts warranty due to our ELITE Diamond Contractor status through Mitsubishi’s factory training.

Ductless Installation

So you’ve purchased your new Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling system and have some questions.  How does it all work?  In this guide, we’ll tell you what happens after you order your new system from Southeastern Mechanical Services.  Costs will of course vary depending on any needed electrical upgrades, the size of the system, and how complex it is to install.

What happens on installation day? Our friendly professionals from Southeastern Mechanical Services will arrive at the designated time and will first decide where best to install your outdoor heating and cooling unit.  This will be a central location.  Our technician will work with you to determine the best place for your outdoor unit.

Mitsubishi Electric’s system is designed to run with a standard electrical system, but our professional will then do any needed upgrades to your system to prepare for installation.

Once these steps are completed and you’ve chosen a spot in your home or building for your indoor unit, it’s time to run the necessary lines through your home and install your condenser located outside.  Once the outside area is prepped, our professional will install the condenser and run electrical lines through a small hole in your exterior wall.  These lines will lead to where your indoor unit (or units) will be mounted.  The technician will also run lines to carry refrigerant and condensation to your indoor unit.  How long this takes will depend on how many units you want installed indoors.

Once this is done, our technician will hang the indoor unit in your desired location(s) and charge the refrigerant lines. Once this process is completed and everything’s hooked up, we’ll do a test run, adjust the thermostat if needed, and go over system settings, maintenance, paperwork, and potential energy rebates with you. These rebates can also help to offset the costs of installing your new system.  You’re all set to go!

This process can be completed in as little as one day, leaving you able to beat the heat or the cold in no time.  Contact us at Southeastern Mechanical Services today with any questions. SMS will register your system online with Mitsubishi to ensure the full 12 year warranty.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Now that you’ve purchased and installed your new Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system, you may be wondering about how to best take care of your system and keep it running for years and years to come.  After all, no one wants to have no heat in the winter or no cool air in the summer. Thankfully, maintenance of your new system is easy.  Here’s a quick user guide from us at Southeastern Mechanical Services.

Max out your efficiency.  Once you have your new system and you’re enjoying the comfort it provides, it’s a good idea to adjust the settings for the best efficiency and energy cost savings.

Instead of using auto on your system operation mode, set it to heat or cool.  Adjust according to the temperature outside.&  When it comes to your fan speed, however, using auto is a good practice versus using the other settings.&  Setting your fan speed on high will only use more energy than you intend.

Check your owner’s manual to learn how to program your new system to a certain temperature.  Your system will, in turn, adjust itself to keep your home or building at the same temperature.

With the Mitsubishi Hyper-heating technology, your heat pump can deliver ample heating for the entire home when temperatures dip to -13 degrees.&  No supplemental heating is necessary.

Don’t forget to service your unit regularly.  Some of these tasks, such as clearing leaves and other debris from around your outdoor unit regularly, can be done by you.  Your manual should have instructions on how to clean your air filters, which should be done every couple of months.  This will not only help your system work more efficiently, but it will also extend the life of your unit.

Having a regular maintenance service done each year by one of our licensed technicians here at Southeastern Mechanical Services is highly recommended. Our technician will inspect your unit to make certain all is working within Mitsubishi specifications.

By following these steps, you’ll experience many years of great energy savings and a comfortable home during all times of the year.&  For any questions or to get a free estimate on a new Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system, contact us at Southeastern Mechanical Services if you’re in the Decatur or surrounding Alabama area.

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