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Learn More About Proper Pool Heater Maintenance
Alabama residents love their swimming pools, and many of them depend on a pool heater to keep the temperature of the water just right. It just wouldn’t do to go out for your daily swim only to find that your pool heater has malfunctioned, and you are left with water that is too cold to enjoy. Just like any other heating system, it’s very important to have your pool heater maintained on a regular basis.

Common Problems and Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Scale Buildup:& Because your pool water is regularly run through the pool heater, it is possible for a buildup of scale to develop on the inside of the heater due to poor water chemistry or excessive calcium hardness. This buildup causes the heater to work harder with less success at heating the water, and that will raise your utility bills. During regular maintenance, the pool heater will be properly cleaned and any buildup will be removed.
  • Negative Effects of Corrosion:& Over time, the constant contact with pool water may cause various parts of your heater to begin to show signs of corrosion. When these parts are left unchecked, they will eventually cease to work properly and may even fall apart, and this can lead to the complete failure of your heater. During a regular maintenance check, each part of the heater will be checked for any signs of corrosion and repaired or replaced as needed.
  • Damaged Heat Exchanger:& Every change that you make to your swimming pool is capable of affecting your heater in some way, and something as simple as the improper installation of a chemical feeder can damage your heat exchanger to the point of complete heater failure. Your technician will make sure that nothing else in your pool system is affecting your pool heater when you schedule a routine maintenance check.

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Adding a pool heater for added comfort to your swimming experience is a wonderful luxury to enjoy, and it also represents a rather large financial investment. With regular maintenance, you can protect your investment and improve the chances of your pool heater operating efficiently for many more years.

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