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It’s almost impossible to imagine a home, especially one that’s located in a more humid climate, not to have any air-conditioning unit. Depending on the size, it can cool any type of space.

There are many different kinds of ACs in the market: split or ductless, central, or window. However, they all work under the same principle–evaporation.

How does evaporation fit in the whole equation? When the liquid evaporates, it leaves a cooler trail. In an air-conditioning unit, you’ll find a coil where liquid passes through. As the liquid evaporates inside it, the coil is then cooled. On the other hand, there’s a fan that blows this cold air right outside the AC, cooling any space.

During evaporation, liquid turns into gas. To revert it to liquid, in a process called condensation, ACs have a compressor.

AC units, nevertheless, have to be properly maintained to keep up their optimum efficiency. Otherwise, dust and dirt can build up, forcing the components to work harder than before. This can eventually drive the electric costs way up.

Moreover, molds can develop inside and around the ACs. This simply means that running your AC is counterproductive: it reduces the quality of indoor air.

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