What Type of Services do HVAC Companies Provide?

If you live in the Decatur, AL area and beyond, you know how hot summer can get here. You also may have heard others talking about HVAC services when getting new AC units put in, or getting their units repaired. But did you know that ...


Your AC System Versus the Decatur, AL Summer

So, it’s summer in the Decatur, AL area, and you know that means lots of heat, humidity, and issues with your AC system and energy bills, which average about $173 throughout the year, but can go higher during the summer season. Or does summer have ...


What Will Happen During my AC Installation?

Spring is a great time to get a new AC system installed into your home. Perhaps you’re upgrading your system or replacing one that’s no longer working well. Regardless of the reason, you can rest easy knowing your new unit will keep you cool during ...


Preventing Condensation in Your AC System

Have you ever been outside during a hot Decatur, AL summer day and seen water dripping off your outer AC unit? This is a normal occurrence as your AC unit removes humidity from inside your home, but if you spot water around your indoor ductwork, ...


Window, Central, and Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems Compared

As the weather warms in the Decatur, AL area this spring and summer, you’re likely thinking of air conditioning, and how best to cool your home, especially if you’re renovating, upgrading, or moving into a new place. And with more options for AC on the ...

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