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Troubleshooting Your Pool Heater in Decatur, AL

During the summer months, often nothing looks more enticing than a cool, comfortable swimming pool on a hot day, especially in the Decatur area. However, if the temperature is too low or too high, a pool can quickly become uncomfortable, or an electrical hazard can ...


What is Zoned AC, and How Does It Work?

With energy prices rising in the Decatur, Alabama area and beyond, you may be wondering how to keep your costs lower during the hotter months. Air conditioning is a must for comfort and health from June to August, but sometimes keeping your home or business ...


Old Thermostats and Your Energy Bill

During the winter and the northern Alabama summer, your energy bill for heating and cooling is always at the forefront, especially with energy costs rising in Alabama and the surrounding areas. When it comes to controlling costs, many homeowners turn to tactics such as insulating ...


Window AC Versus Central: The Pros and Cons

In the Decatur, Alabama area, temperatures and humidity work together to form a sticky situation each summer. To avoid this, air conditioning is a must to control both. With more options available than ever, it may seem overwhelming to choose the right type of air ...


Common Commercial Ice Maker Issues

With summer on the way, ice will be in demand in many Decatur, Alabama area businesses. If you own such a business, chances are that you have a commercial icemaker. This vital machine creates ice more efficiently than any freezer could, and is important for ...


Mold and Your HVAC System: How to Fix It

Mold is an issue that no one wants in their HVAC system. In fact, even the word “mold” sounds unpleasant, along with its close cousin, “humidity.” Unfortunately, high humidity often leads to mold growth, and in a place such as Decatur, Alabama, heat and humidity ...

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