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Can you imagine a world without ice? Perhaps if you have lived several decades ago, then perhaps you would know how it feels. Ice back then was such a rare commodity that many countries actually imported them, driving the costs way up. In fact, only the rich could afford it. Today, there are many ways to get ice. You can have a portable ice maker, for example. Refrigerators as well have their own ice machine. Industrial and commercial companies can build giant ice makers too.

Regardless of where you get your ice or what device you use, the process of creating that very special ice is almost similar.

There are two very important phases involved in making ice: evaporation and condensation. Water, after all, doesn’t have the capacity to convert itself into ice.

A major component in ice making is the refrigerant. It begins as a low-pressure vapor passing through the compressor, where it changes into high pressure. This type of vapor then goes through the condenser, where the vapor transforms into liquid at high pressure. Subsequently, it transforms into a low-pressure kind as soon as it passes through the throttle valve. Then it goes through the evaporator before it becomes ice.

Water leaks and machine inefficiency are some of the most common issues with these devices. Because they consume large energy, even a small change of its efficiency can mean a higher bill for electricity. Thus, take time to maintain it.

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