Air conditioner units can be expensive, and the last thing you want is to have yours burn out on you in the middle of the summer heat.

Thank goodness there are easy ways for you to take care your unit and keep it running at its best.

Here are a few air conditioner maintenance tips you can try that’ll keep your outdoor AC unit in pristine condition for years to come.

5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

These five maintenance tips are extremely simple for you to DIY and are cost effective.

1. Change The Filter

Not only is this the most obvious way to extend the life of your air conditioner, but changing your AC unit filter is very quick and helpful to the life of the unit.

Your filter should be changed at least twice a year, preferably during the spring and fall seasons. Make sure that the new filter has the same airflow rating as the old one to allow the AC to do its job properly.

Be careful not to buy any those “air purifying” or HEPA filters, though; they can reduce your airflow and cause your indoor coils to freeze up, and that’s not good for your AC.

2. Use a Timer

Another way to protect your AC is to limit its use – or rather, to know when to use it.

There is no need to have the air conditioner at full blast while you’re away from home, so set it for higher temperatures while you’re MIA and cooler temperatures when you return.

Make sure that you don’t completely turn off the unit, however; that’ll just make your compressor work harder to cool the house when you turn it back on.

Most new AC units have built-in timers, but if yours doesn’t you can easily buy one at most home stores for around $15.

3. Clean and Straighten the Fins

The fins on your AC are important for its overall performance, so make sure they stay cleaned and straightened.

Remember that fins are delicate, so when you clean them, be sure to first remove any outside dirt with a vacuum before gently spraying them down with a garden hose. There are also fin cleaning sprays that you can buy at home stores.

Once your fins are cleaned, remember to straighten then afterward. Bent fins can cause a reduction in the quality of airflow, meaning your unit has to work harder to do the job.

Take a butter knife (or if you want to be fancy, you can buy a fin-straightening tool) and open up any fins that have been crushed in, but be mindful that you don’t damage the tubing behind them.

4. Clear the Area of Debris

The compressor can’t do its job if it’s covered by debris, so make sure to clean that up ASAP.

It’s recommended that there should be at least two feet of clearance in all directions to allow the unit to have proper airflow, so cut back any hanging branches or shrubs and clear the area of any trash and leaves.

During the winter (when the AC is most likely not operating) it is a good idea to place a cover over the unit to keep any debris from falling in. Just make sure to remove the cover once the unit is back up and running.

5. Insulation Is Key

Many people do not realize the power of good insulation in a home. If your insulation is good, your house will do a much better job keeping the outside heat from coming in, and the AC doesn’t have to work hard to keep you cool.

Check your attic and crawl spaces and make sure your insulation is still up to par, and replace it if it’s not. You’ll end up saving your AC – and some big bucks – in the long run.

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