Even in Decatur, Alabama, the temperatures can dip in the winter enough to make you pull a blanket over yourself during the darker months.

The last thing you want over the holidays or in the dead of winter is to have your furnace go out, start making strange sounds, or worse. Having your furnace go out for any reason or failing to maintain your unit can also be a health hazard.

A yearly inspection can prevent all these scary problems and keep your furnace running in tip top shape for years to come. Here are five reasons to get your furnace checked annually.

  1. Safety First

Safety is the probably the biggest reason for getting your furnace inspected each year.

With gas furnaces, the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks and gas leaks are all too present. If any issues are found, they can be fixed before any harm comes to you and your family. (Having a carbon monoxide detector is also a good idea.)

Even a small crack in the wrong place can leak carbon monoxide into your home, causing health issues ranging from headaches to nausea and even severe injury and death.

With all types of furnaces, a routine check of safety controls will also help to prevent injury and expensive repairs down the road.

  1. Making Your Furnace Last Longer

As many as 75 percent of service calls during the winter months can be tied back to failing to maintain your furnace.

By having your furnace checked each year, you can find and prevent problems that will kill your heat when you need it the most before you need it the most. Getting your furnace checked can also reduce wear and tear that will lead to expensive problems and worse, having to get your entire furnace replaced.

  1. Saving Money on Repairs

It’s cheaper to have your furnace tuned up, cleaned, and checked during an annual inspection than ending up with a large repair bill just a few months later.

Any furnace issues that should arise will be often be cheaper to repair early rather than later, when the problem has gotten out of hand. Most inspections run under $100, while some furnace repairs can go as high as four figures.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that having a clean furnace that runs as effectively as it should can help you save money on your energy bill as well?

Having your coils cleaned and calibrating your thermostat can go a long way towards lowering the most expensive part of your heating bill.

Things such as filter replacement and checking the air flow of your furnace can also help us make sure that it’s working as well as it should and not wasting energy to get warm air in every part of your home.

  1. Don’t Void Your Warranty

If you have a manufacturer’s warranty and something goes wrong with your furnace, you may need to prove that you’ve been maintaining your furnace properly if you have to replace a part on your furnace or even your entire furnace.

Having your furnace looked at each year and keeping records of those inspections will only help your case if something in your furnace does break.

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Understanding why yearly inspections for your furnace are important is only the first step to keeping your Decatur, Alabama home warm during the winter months.

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