Seasons change, including in Decatur, Alabama, and even if it’s summer and you’re keeping cool in your home, it’s always good to know how to prepare your home for the cooler fall and winter months. After all, you’ll likely be using your heating system and taking other measures to prevent heat loss during this time.

Did you know that heating and cooling take up nearly half of your energy costs? That’s a lot, so any measure you can take to lower that bill is good.

If you own a home, you may know there are checklists you should go through before seasons change, to avoid high electricity bills and the waste of power. Here’s a checklist you can use to make sure your home is energy-efficient and comfortable this fall and beyond.

  1. If your door has screens, take them out and replace that screen with a glass insert, if you have one. Many doors have a mechanism that allows you to change out your bottom panel. Look for tabs that allow you to take a screen off its track, and then slide in the other panel. Store the screen for next spring. This will help keep cold air out from around your door.
  2. Weather-strip doors. Speaking of doors, now is a good time to apply weather stripping to areas that might leak in the winter. This may also include windows and garage doors. This measure seems small, but it can make your HVAC system work less hard over the cooler months. Caulk is another good option for plugging leaks before they raise your energy bill.
  3. Get your HVAC system cleaned and inspected. Fall is a great time to do this, because HVAC companies aren’t as busy during the off-seasons, and spring is another good time, but many homeowners have an inspection done once per year. This will help you catch issues with your system before they pose a problem during an inconvenient time. The good news is that such inspections are generally cheaper than repairs.
  4. If you have a ceiling fan, change its direction. There’s usually a tab above the blades that allows you to reverse your fan. Using it on reverse during the winter will blow warm air downwards, which in turn will make your system work less hard.
  5. Get ready to pack up your AC for the year. This means clearing weeds, vacuuming the unit, and placing a cover over the outside unit (if you have one) to protect it during the cooler months and reduce the chance of issues next year.
  6. Check your furnace filters. If they look dirty, changing them is inexpensive and should be done every three months, or as needed. If you’re going to spend much time indoors this fall and winter, you may want to opt for a filter with a higher MERV rating. Higher ratings trap smaller allergen particles and help protect your system.

If you’re looking to schedule an inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system so you can have peace of mind this winter, look no further than Southeastern Mechanical Services. We serve the Decatur, AL area and will keep you and your family comfortable all year long. Contact us today.