Thankfully, in the Decatur, AL area, winters aren’t too intense, but you’ll still need your HVAC system to keep you warm during the cooler months. And any system can have performance issues during its lifetime, such as a furnace that blows but doesn’t heat, or one that doesn’t turn on at all.

Many issues are easy to resolve, and if your system isn’t blowing warm (or cool) air when needed, here are five troubleshooting tips that can get your system running again.

  1. Start simple. The simplest explanation is often right, so if your system fails to turn on or blow the right temperature, rule out the simplest explanations first: the thermostat. These issues are the most common HVAC issues.

If you live with others, someone could have flipped the thermostat off or changed the settings. Many thermostats also use batteries, and yours could be low. Usually, your unit will let you know.

Your thermostat can also be in the wrong setting if it’s blowing, but not heating or cooling. The Fan setting will cause only the blower to run. Simply switch your setting back to auto to repair this issue.

  1. Check your vents and airflow. If your issue is localized to one part of your home—one room is warmer or cooler than the others—a vent or obstruction may be to blame. It’s easy to place heavy furniture over vents, or one may be closed from a previous owner or the room’s occupant. If your furnace or boiler is heating part of the house too much, it could be that the thermostat itself isn’t getting enough airflow, and thinks your home is cooler than it is. Clear any obstructions for more even heating or cooling of your home.


  1. Also, check your breakers. The last thing you want is to call a professional only to hear that you simply needed to turn a breaker back on at the breaker panel, and yet, many calls result in the discovery of a tripped breaker. If this is the case, simply flip the breaker back and test your furnace again. If that doesn’t work, your furnace may have a blown fuse that needs changing. If your breaker keeps flipping, of course, you’ll want a professional opinion.


  1. Look at the filter. If your furnace isn’t getting airflow, it can shut off. A clogged filter full of dust, particles, and pet hair can cause a blower to run but not move much heat. Then, simply turn your furnace off and change the filter, replacing it with one that’s the same size as the original.


  1. Check the gas, drain lines, and ducts. Is the gas in your furnace on or off, if it’s a gas model? No gas will, of course, mean no heat.

It’s also possible a duct is clogged or broken in part of your home. You can check basement ducts easily but may need a professional to check others.

What is a drain line, anyway? Furnaces and AC units can collect water (humidity) from your home, which drains down a tube and then outdoors. These lines can get clogged, potentially stopping your unit and forming a puddle on the floor, as well as an unpleasant mildew smell.

Troubleshooting didn’t work? At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we’re here to get to the bottom of your furnace issues in the Decatur, Alabama area and beyond. Contact us if you’re having furnace issues, and we’ll get you back up and running in no time.