No one likes high energy costs in the Decatur, AL area and beyond. An old, failing HVAC system can cause a surprise hike in a bill as well as stress.

Replacing your HVAC system can seem like a daunting task, as well as an expensive one. Perhaps you’re looking to cut electric costs on your home, help the environment, and experience an easy installation.

The good news is that the Mitsubishi Ductless System meets all these needs, and we are a diamond contractor for this system, which comes with added benefits.

How The System Works. Ductless systems use a small outdoor unit on one side of a wall and an indoor air handler to distribute heat and cool air through part of a home. This is useful when you only need to heat or cool one part of a home at a time and helps to save immensely on energy costs.

Mitsubishi Ductless systems require less energy to distribute warm or cool air around your home because they’re smaller systems, and since they only heat part of your home and are highly programmable, they waste far less energy.

Some people use ductless systems along with a regular, centralized HVAC system to add extra comfort to a problem room or section of a home.

Multiple air handlers can also connect to the same outdoor unit, making it possible to heat and cool multiple areas, or adjust the temperature as necessary for each individual area. “Zoning” your home is also possible with the Mitsub system, with multiple thermostats allowing each member of the household to control the temperature as he or she likes.

An Easy Installation. There is no need for complicated ductwork when installing one of these systems. Our professionals will only need to run electrical lines through your walls rather than ducts, cutting down on installation time and costs.

Chances are good that installation can take place in less than a day. Better yet, the customer has the choice on where to install mini splits and the indoor air handlers. Air handlers can hang on walls, on ceilings, or even near floors if desired. Your professionals will help you to determine the optimal location for your heating and cooling.

The Benefits. The Mitsubishi Ductless system uses a type of refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer and leads to less environmental damage. You’re also using less energy, and you’ll have better flexibility in programming the thermostat and controlling your home’s temperature.

Indoor air handlers aren’t very large or noticeable, making them easy to add to the interior of your home. You’ll get to choose where these go, and a professional will help you find the right place for the outdoor compressor.

You’ll also notice improved air quality, as there are no complicated ducts to collect and blow allergens around your home. Maintenance will also become easier, as you’ll have a smaller system to get professionally checked each year.

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At Southeastern Mechanical Services in Decatur, AL, we are an Elite Diamond contractor for the Mitsubishi Ductless System. We’ve received factory training and by choosing us, you’ll receive a full year’s warranty for parts. Reach out to us today to get started with your new system.