When you have any pet that has fur, you’ll know that pet hair and dander is not only messy. It can also have a negative impact on air quality, especially during the Decatur, AL area’s cool and hot months. During these times of the year, windows are typically closed, sealing indoor air inside.

Pet dander is one of the most common allergens inside of homes, and it can lead to health issues such as allergies. Hair may be easy to see, but dander can be microscopic or otherwise very small. This makes cleaning dander difficult, as it easily rides in the air.

However, there are things you can do to minimize the health issues caused by pet dander.

Get an Air Purifier. Air purifiers are on the market for a reason, and you can invest in a portable one meant for a single room or go further and purchase one for you HVAC system to treat your entire home.

Many air purifiers are on the market if you only need a portable variety. Those with HEPA filters will pick up the most pet hair and dander, so consider this when shopping.

Get a Whole House Air Purifier. What if you need to reduce pet dander and hair throughout the entire home? HVAC systems can come equipped with their own filtration systems. You may see these also called whole house air filters. These filters go into your HVAC system and need a professional such as Southeastern Mechanical Services to install but will clean the air for your entire home.

Flat filters, electronic filters, and UV filters are all available. Flat filters (and extended filters, which use multiple layers) are often made of fiberglass to physically trap particles such as hair and dander. They go directly into your ductwork, and the filters will need once yearly replacement.

Electronic filters also go inside your ducts, and are more effective at trapping smaller particles, even down to smoke. They don’t need changing but may need cleaning every few months for maximum effectiveness.

UV filters are also available but are used mostly for combating bacteria and viruses.

Use a highly rated MERV filter for your furnace. Furnaces make use of a furnace filter that you can change yourself, and it’s good to change it every few months while your unit is in use. These filters have MERV ratings, which tells you how good a filter is at capturing smaller particles such as pet dander. Those with higher ratings are better at catching smaller particles.

Aim for a filter with a MERV rating of around 13 if you want to capture pet dander from the air your furnace or air conditioning is circulating through your home.

Groom Your Pets Often. The simplest way to control dander is to brush and comb your pets often or give baths if your pet can tolerate it! This will help you gather and throw out the dander that will inevitably come off your pet while grooming. Your pet will appreciate your effort, too!

We Can Help You Reduce Pet Dander. No one wants to give up a pet to reduce their allergies. We’re here to help, and if pet dander is an issue in your home, we can help you install a system that can greatly reduce it. Reach out to us today to tackle your pet hair and dander problem once and for all.