The Decatur, Alabama area is milder in climate than many other areas in the US, but in every season besides summer, there’s a chance you’ll need to run your furnace at some point, and there’s also a chance it won’t blow out warm air. However, the fix is often simple.

Here are some common causes of this and how to get them fixed.

Cause #1: Your Thermostat Is on The Wrong Setting

Always look at the simplest explanation first when it comes to any HVAC issue, such as the thermostat being stuck to the wrong setting. This is most likely when the Decatur area goes from a warmer period to a colder one, and the system could still be set to “cool.”

To fix this, simply switch your thermostat to “heat” and make sure it’s on “auto” instead of just “on,” so that the furnace only runs when it’s actively heating air.

If this approach does not work, call a professional, as there may be an issue with the thermostat itself.

Cause #2: Your Pilot Light is Out

This issue only applies to older gas furnaces. The pilot light is a small flame that runs all the time, ready to ignite your furnace’s burners.

However, it can go out due to drafts, dirty valves, or bad thermocouples. If this happens, look for instructions on your furnace on how to relight the pilot light. This is a process homeowners can tackle themselves safely so long as these instructions are followed.

Cause #3: Dirty Flame Sensors

Another simple cause of your furnace blowing out cooler-than-desired air are dirty flame sensors. Flame sensors are found on newer furnaces without pilot lights, and they control when the furnace blows out warm air.

Buildup can happen on the sensor, and this can cause your furnace to malfunction. The solution is to clean the sensor, which can be done by a professional quickly to get your furnace in working order again.

Cause #4: Dirty Furnace Filter

The furnace filter is easy to change out once it’s dirty. A single filter should last you about 90 days before it collects enough particles to start impeding airflow and making your system work harder. Not only does this shorten the life of your furnace, but it can also affect how much warm air flows through your home.

If your filter is dirty, try changing it with a fresh one to see if warm air flows more efficiently through your home.

Cause #5: A Leak in the Ductwork

Air ducts carry warm air throughout your home, and if you notice the issue only in one part of the house, ductwork could be to blame. You may be able to find and fix the leak yourself, but if you can’t, it’s time to call a professional.

More Serious Issues

If you’ve troubleshooted the simple issues that may cause your furnace not to blow hot air, and the problem persists, it may be time to call a professional. At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we serve the greater Decatur, AL area and are ready to troubleshoot and fix any other issues that stop your furnace from working properly. Contact us today with all your HVAC questions and needs.