When most people think of cooling their home in the Decatur, AL area, they think of turning on the air conditioning. While air conditioning is a wonderful modern invention that has been around since 1902, it does cost money to run, so you may want to explore other options for cooling your home. Using other methods to cool your home will reduce your reliance on AC and help you to save money. The good news is that many are easy to do!

Utilize Ceiling Fans. These simple devices make the air in your room feel cooler, reducing the need for AC, and they don’t require much power to run. When you use your fan, make sure it’s running counterclockwise. The blades are tilted for a reason, and a counterclockwise spin will pull warmer air upward, allowing cooler air to sink to where you are.

Use Plants, Blinds, and Awnings. Closing blinds and utilizing the shade of plants serves the same purpose: it blocks sunlight and heat from your home. Close your blinds during the day, or during the hours when the sun is hitting your window. Investing in fast-growing plants will also help keep the sun out of your home.

If you can’t wait for a tree to grow, or you have a deck, consider placing an awning over it to keep out the sun. This will also provide a good spot for you to sit during the summer, out of the sun.

Use Heat Reducing Film. Did you know that almost a third of your summer heat comes through your windows in the summer? You can keep your home cool by using heat reducing films. These films go directly on your window and reflect much of the heat that would otherwise enter your home and make your air conditioner work harder. But because these films can make windows appear very shiny, check with your township or homeowner’s association before applying.

Careful With the Cooking. Summer is a great excuse to grill outdoors, which means not only tasty food, but less heat in your kitchen. Using your oven or stovetop as little as possible will also help to keep the heat down in your home, and utilizing other methods such as air fryers and microwave ovens should also help to reduce heat.

Allow Airflow. Open windows at night if conditions cool and become more comfortable, and keep your interior doors open to allow any cross breeze that may come through your home. This will help to sweep warmer air from your home and allow faster cooling than still, stagnant air.

Attics can hold onto excessive heat during the summer as well, so if you can, installing ventilation or attic will help remove the excess heat from your home during the summer. This will allow more heat to rise and exit.

Program Your Thermostat. Most thermostats today are programmable or smart thermostats, meaning that you can run your AC during certain hours only. For example, you can program your thermostat to only run just before you get home from work, or to shut off during the nighttime if conditions allow. Some thermostats are so smart that they’ll learn your behaviors and temperature preferences, and then act accordingly.

Cool Your Home Today. If you have questions about how to cool your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Southeastern Mechanical Services. We’re committed to keeping your home cool and comfortable during Decatur’s hottest months.