Most people don’t think too much about the ductwork that attaches to an HVAC system, especially during the tamer weather months in the Decatur, AL area. After all, it’s mostly out of sight and out of mind, except for perhaps in a basement where the walls and ceiling are more open.

However, your ductwork provides an important function in your home. It moves warm and cool air throughout your home, keeping it at the desired temperature.

There are four main types of ductwork that you can get for your HVAC system, and each type has its pros and cons.

Flexible Ducts. Everyone has seen these accordion-style ducts running through walls and basements. These ducts have a strong plastic or aluminum over a metal coil, making them flexible and easier to maneuver to the location you want.

For this reason, flexible ducts tend to come with a lower cost than other duct types, due to being made from cheaper materials. They’re also excellent for installing in tight spaces, which other duct types might not allow. They’re also lighter.

The main downside of flexible ducts is their tendency to get punctures, tears, and other damage, which can lead to air leaks. This, in turn, can cause higher energy bills and wasted heating and cooling.

Sheet Metal Ducts. This duct type is often seen in movies, offering a convenient way for heroes to sneak around a building. They’re a common duct type and tend to be durable thanks to using sheet metal for their construction. This makes these duct types resistant to damage, and easy to repair if there is an air leak. The smooth surface also makes them easy to clean of debris and dust.

However, these ducts are rigid, making them difficult to install in tight places. They can also be more costly, due to the greater difficulty and the materials used. They’re also more likely to need an occasional professional cleaning.

Fiberboard Ducts. These ducts use fiberglass strands and resin, which holds them together, and then foil serves as insulation to keep the air flow warm or cool. These duct types tend to be less expensive than their sheet metal counterparts, making them a good choice for cutting costs.

However, these ducts tend to get dirty more quickly than sheet metal ducts, due to fiberglass trapping particles. This can lead to a reduction in air quality if a good filtration system isn’t used, and after a long time, airflow can be affected.

Fiberglass Ducts. These ducts are essentially sheet metal ducts with an extra fiberglass layer for insulation. This leads to improved energy efficiency for your home, especially in the winter. These systems are also quieter than other types, if noise is a concern. This is great for businesses and places such as libraries.

However, these ducts will need cleaning more often than other types, as the interior lining can trap allergens and other particles. Sometimes, this cleaning can cause wear and tear. In some cases, fiberglass dust can blow out of these ducts if damage occurs to the inner insulation.

Choose the Right Ductwork Today. Choosing ductwork shouldn’t be a difficult process. If you have any questions about the right type for your home or business, reach out to us today if you’re in the Decatur, AL area.