No one wants a high energy bill, and in the Decatur area, energy bills tend to climb in the winter and in the summer. This is when heating and cooling are in full swing, and both make up the highest proportion of an energy bill every month. It is for this reason that energy bills tend to lower in the spring and fall.

Spring is an excellent time to ensure cooling costs won’t be as high this summer, and it’s also a good time to make note of heating costs. Here are several ways in which you can lower your energy bill.

Look At Your Ductwork

If you have a leak in your ductwork, it can lose warm or cool air before it reaches the part of your home where it’s needed. In fact, leaky ductwork can cut down your energy efficiency by up to 20%, and this can lead to a huge increase in energy bills.

Thankfully, duct sealing can fix this issue, so be sure to check with us if you suspect your ducts are leaking energy and driving up your costs.

Use the Thermostat to Your Advantage

If you’re away or going on vacation, leaving the air conditioning or heat running can drive up your energy bill unnecessarily. Unless you’re keeping sensitive pets or plants at home, it’s safe to raise the thermostat during the summer, and lower it during the winter while you’re away.

During the summer, try turning off your air conditioning while you travel, and turning it on shortly before you return. Many thermostats allow remote control online, so it may be worth investing in one for the savings.

Overnight, it’s safe to lower your thermostat while you’re sleeping during the winter. This is the easiest when you have a smart thermostat, which you can program.

You can lower your energy bill by about 10% by using such tactics.

Keep Out Heat with Your Windows

In the summer, windows allow a lot of heat into your home. About three quarters of light that enters your windows becomes heat, making them a good place to tackle when it comes to keeping your home cool.

While this is a benefit in the winter, they can force your AC system to work harder in the summer months as well, driving up your energy bill.

Window coverings are a good way to reduce the heat entering your home in the warmer months. These can range from exterior shades, awnings, plastic coverings, and storm shutters.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Fans

Fans appear to cool a room, when in reality they do nothing to change the temperature. When leaving a room, be sure to switch any active fans off.

However, during night hours, fans may help to bring cooler air inside a home, if placed inside a window. They can also be used to create a cross breeze across a floor that can help sweep hotter air from a home.

Invest In a New HVAC System

Energy efficiency is everything these days, and newer equipment is typically more efficient on energy use than older furnaces and AC units. Smaller systems are also available, such as ductless systems that heat only one part of a home as needed, and these can also save on energy.

Start Saving Money Today

If you’re ready to save money on cooling and heating, be sure to contact us today with any questions. We’re here to help you and the Northern Alabama area with your energy saving needs.