It’s possible that during the colder months in the Decatur, Alabama area, you’ve noticed that some rooms of your home are chillier or draftier than others. You may wonder why this occurs, and you may have taken steps to keep the temperature at the same level throughout your home.

These steps can include simple tactics such as placing plastic over certain windows and plugging holes that can cause drafts. Other times, you may feel the need to resort to using space heaters for certain rooms of your home. However, the cost of running a space heater can add up to over an extra $100 per month, provided you do not turn your thermostat down dramatically.

Therefore, it is best to get maximum efficiency out of your heating system during the cooler months. One way to achieve that is through air balancing.

What Causes a Difference in Temperature?

Air ducts carry warm air from your furnace throughout your home. However, just like pipes, they can spring holes and leak.

When this happens, some rooms won’t receive as much air as others, which gives them lower air pressure than other rooms in your home.

This “negative pressure” can cause chilly outdoor air to get drawn into your home to fill the extra space, which can result in one part of your home being cooler than another. This can also force your HVAC system to work harder to counteract this, leading to higher energy bills.

Home design can also lead to temperature differences, especially when a home has multiple stories. Warm air rises, which can cause upper floors to be too warm and lower floors to be too cold. This can also cause your furnace to work too hard.

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is, in a nutshell, the way an HVAC professional tests your home for airflow and pressure issues that can cause some rooms in your home to be hotter or cooler than others.

This is done by testing the air flow from each vent and adjusting dampers as necessary. Air pressure and humidity is also measured to see how well the system is working. The HVAC system itself is also tested, and changes are suggested should an issue arise, such as fan speed.

What Are the Benefits?

Once problems are identified by a professional, any necessary repairs to your system or ductwork can resolve negative air pressure and temperature differences. Often, these adjustments are simple, especially if there is a temperature difference between rooms on the same floor of a building.

Once this occurs, lower energy bills, greater comfort, and improved air quality typically follow. You will also extend the life of your furnace, as it has to work less hard to keep the right temperature.

Sometimes, zoned heating systems may help to regulate temperatures on different floors, via dampers. This may be an option if home design is the cause of uncomfortable temperatures.

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No one likes to walk into a cold room during the winter months, or to have the lower floor of a home too cool while the upper floor is too warm. The good news is that there are solutions for these issues. Contact us today if you are in the Decatur, Alabama area and are experiencing temperature differences in your home. Often the solution is simple, and you’ll experience more comfort in no time.