If you’re like many people in the Decatur, AL area who have their furnaces inspected in the spring or fall, that time is likely close. Spring and fall are good times to get your system looked at, as the demand for HVAC services tends to be lower during this point of the year.

Furnace inspections are an important part of keeping your system running well for years to come, and it’s also important to your health. This fairly inexpensive appointment can remove dust and debris from your furnace, catch issues before they cause expensive breakdowns, and even help prevent dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, if you have a gas system. Yearly inspections will also help to keep your system efficient and your energy bills down.

Here’s what to expect during this appointment.

Be Home for Your Appointment Date

Since an HVAC professional will need access to your system, ensure that you’re home during the appointment time and have the area in front of your furnace cleared. Be aware that inspections usually cost under $100, but you may need to pay more if repairs are needed. However, you’ll still pay less than you would getting a technician for an emergency in the middle of winter!

What To Expect

Once your technician arrives, you’ll need to open access to your furnace. Your technician will likely be bringing in equipment such as a tool bag or a vacuum, for cleaning the furnace. Ensure the technician will be able to reach the correct area.

Your inspection will then include:

  1. A visual inspection of your furnace. During this time, your technician will open up your furnace to examine the components. This includes elements such as the heat exchanger, burners, wiring, and moving parts such as the blower motor.
  2. Voltage tests. Your technician will run tests on the electrical parts of your furnace, locating any failing components before they cause an issue.
  3. Ventilation and drainage. The technician will then check parts such as your condensate drain for blockages, and any ventilation issues that could cause your furnace to work harder than normal.
  4. Thermostat inspection. Thermostats can have a host of issues, so your technician will likely have you turn on your system to ensure that it’s working properly. This will likely last for a heating cycle.
  5. While your system is on, your technician can also check for blockages in your vents, or a lack of airflow in certain areas.
  6. Tune-ups. This can include changing the air filter, vacuuming out the system, and making simple repairs on the spot.
  7. Recommend more complicated repairs, if needed. If other parts of the furnace are wearing out, such as a blower motor, your technician may help you schedule repairs before the colder months arrive. It is also unlikely, but possible, that your technician will recommend a new furnace. This will only be the case if your unit is nearing the end of its life, you have a cracked heat exchanger, or if your energy bills are very high.

Need an Inspection?

At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we’re committed to keeping your Decatur, AL furnace and HVAC system running for many years to come. If you want peace of mind this winter, be sure to contact us to schedule your inspection today. It can save you money and stress all year long.