It’s the scenario that no one wants in Decatur, AL and beyond. You wake up to a cold home, and you realize that your furnace isn’t running! This will happen to most of us during our lives, and it’s a common HVAC issue around the country.

There could be many different causes to this issue, and to get your home warm again, following these steps will reduce your stress and get your heat running again.

Step #1: Take a breath.

Don’t panic, because there’s a good chance your furnace is “out” for a simple reason that you may be able to fix yourself. Panicking will not help you to troubleshoot the issue. Remember to always look for the simplest possible issues before assuming that your furnace is broken. Ruling out these issues will also help if you do need to call a technician, so that your technician doesn’t visit only to find, say, a dirty filter.

Step #2: Troubleshoot.

Now that you’ve taken a moment, it’s time to troubleshoot several possible issues.

Some common reasons for your furnace not to be running are:

  • The thermostat is set to cool or off. This is very common, especially if multiple people live in your household.
  • Your thermostat is out of battery. Pull it off the wall and change the batteries if your display isn’t working.
  • Your furnace filter is very clogged, forcing your heat to turn off. If you find a dirty filter, change it, and retest your furnace. Ideally, furnace filters should be replaced every three months.
  • If you have a gas furnace, your gas line is turned off. This simple knob should be vertical on your gas line rather than horizontal. This is worth checking if you’ve recently had work done or have moved into a new home.
  • Ducts could be blocked, but this issue is more likely if heat isn’t reaching only part of your home. If this is the case, check your vents and just inside of them in the problem area.
  • Drain lines could be clogged in some models. Furnaces remove humidity, and that humidity drains in the form of condensation. Look for a drain line, which will be made of white plastic or metal, and inspect it for clogs.
  • The pilot light is out. For gas furnaces, the pilot light can go out at times, and you’ll need to relight it. There should be instructions on how to do this task on your furnace and follow them carefully.
  • Check your breaker. It’s possible that the breaker to your furnace has tripped. Check your breaker box and reset if needed.

Step #3: Call For Help.

If your troubleshooting hasn’t identified and fixed the issue, it’s time to call for a technician. Your fix could be relatively simple, especially if your furnace is younger than 15 to 20 years old, which is the average lifespan for many furnaces. This is especially true if your furnace has been giving off odd smells, sounds, or if the pilot light is turning off frequently.

At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we’re ready to keep your Decatur, Alabama area furnace running smoothly all season long. Be sure to contact us if you need any assistance with your unit.