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Ductless Air Conditioning Unit Install & Repair

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Southeastern Mechanical Services, LLC service areas include Athens Al, Decatur AL, Hartselle Al, Somerville Al and Cullman AL.

Learn More About This Unit Type:

Ductless air-conditioning units, also known as mini-splits, do away with ducts to deliver comfortable air in a room. Instead, a section containing the often-noisy compressor and condenser is placed outside while a remote-controlled indoor unit is mounted on a wall.

A refrigerant line usually made of thin copper connects the two sections, making installation easy, convenient, and quick as it only requires a three-inch opening to fit. This makes it a perfect solution for places that do not have existing duct layers as well as expansions.

Furthermore, this setup is quieter and more energy efficient than traditional systems.

However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep ductless air-conditioning units running in optimal condition. Due to constant exposure to elements, including rain and extreme sunshine, the outdoor unit needs to be properly checked and cleaned at consistent intervals.

The same is also true for the refrigeration lines that connect the two major sections of the system. The indoor unit, on the other hand, needs to be tested for air quality; the thermostat must be assessed for its efficiency as well.

These scheduled check-ups will quickly identify issues and prevent costly repairs caused by neglected problems. Furthermore, a well-maintained ductless air-conditioning unit will last longer while keeping energy savings at a maximum.

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