Did you know a study found that dirty indoor air is responsible for 4.3 million premature deaths every year?

No wonder so many people are investing more into an air purification system for their home.

Indoor air purifiers can make a major difference in your lifestyle and health.

Keep reading to learn how to clean the air in your Decatur, AL home.

4 Types of Indoor Air Purifiers for Your Decatur, AL Home

Homes nowadays do a great job at protecting us from the weather outside but they also do a great job at keeping pollution inside. Keeping a home clean and well ventilated is a great way to keep contaminants at bay but some sensitive people this is not enough. There have been studies showing that the inside of a home can be just as polluted as the outdoors.

This is where indoor air purifiers help.

1. UV Technology

UV air purifiers convert molecules of oxygen and water found in the air into ozone and hydroxyl. The active molecules react with the pollutants in the air and destroy them into components like water and carbon dioxide which are harmless.

The wattage of the UV light and the time of exposure to the UV light is what makes the air purifier effective. The UV lamp should be monitored and replaced per the recommendations from the manufacturer. 

This system is best when it’s used with a filter system before the lamps. Most air purifiers that give off UV start by first filtering the air with HEPA and activated carbon and the UV is the final stage of the filtration. The UV lamp is an excellent way to kill germs. 

2. Ozone

Ozone air purifiers produce the gas ozone. There are different brands to choose from and they vary in how much ozone they each produce. Ozone air purifiers might inhibit the growth of some biological agents but they are unlikely to fully clean the air unless the ozone concentrations are higher than the public health standards.

3. Active Carbon Technology

Air purifiers that have activated carbon filters are helpful to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity because they absorb formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is found in wood paneling, upholstery, and carpet. 

These filters make the environment more breathable because they also remove chemicals found in common household items and perfumes. Anyone that suffers from asthma will benefit from air purifiers with this technology.

4. Negative Ion

These air purifiers use chemical injections to clean the air. Negative ions are oxygen atoms that have gained an electron. They magnetically attract airborne particles like dust and pollen and when the newly-formed particle becomes too heavy to be in the air it falls and attaches itself to a solid item in the room.

It sounds like a pretty advanced type of technology but in reality, it’s just moving the airborne particles to walls, windows, and furniture instead of completely removing them. Unless you clean constantly there is a chance of the pollutants to contaminate the air over and over.

Ready For Cleaner Air?

With so many pollutants in the air including pet dander, smoke, mold, mildew it’s smart to take precaution and make sure they are filtered to make sure your indoor air quality isn’t worse than an overcrowded polluted city.

Don’t forget that air purifiers like every appliance out there need maintenance to keep it working 100%.

Does your current air purifier seem to not be as effective as it used to be? Contact us so that we can check it out and give you the service you deserve!