Picture this: It’s your first family summer barbeque after a seemingly endless winter.

It’s a typically-hot Alabama afternoon, the thunderstorms are staying away, and you’re all prepped and ready.

Nothing could be better, and all you need to do is whip up a jug of ice-cold mojitos before your guests arrive.

You head over to the ice machine. It’s as empty and echoing as the crushing disappointment which now grips your heart.

Avoid this scenario by checking for the following signs that you need ice machine repair.

If you’re in Decatur, do it now, as you live in one of the hottest states in the U.S.

Troubleshooting Ice Machine Repair

Ice machines should stay operational for between three and 10 years. They can last indefinitely if you take care of small issues before they escalate.

Just like your HVAC, your ice machine will benefit from regular maintenance and care.

Here’s what to look out for.

A Lack of Ice

No ice is an obvious sign that your appliance is on the blink.

Don’t assume you need a new ice machine. There are many small hiccups that can cause this big problem.

Frozen water in the line is one of the more common problems. It could also be that the water filter has become clogged. A Decatur ice machine repairman can have your machine back up and running in no time.

Funny-Tasting Ice

If your ice maker is spitting out ice blocks that are spoiling the taste of your drink, check your tap water.

It could be a problem with your city water supply. It’s more likely a sign that your water filter is dirty.

You should clean your ice machine and change the filter at least once every three months.

Your Ice Maker is Screaming for Attention

Although ice machines can make a racket when they’re dumping a fresh load of ice, they shouldn’t make any noise the rest of the time.

Constant loud noises or strange sounds mean it’s time to get in touch with a repairman.

Ignoring these rattling or buzzing sounds could mean you’re in for an expensive repair down the line.

Too Much Ice

In the summertime, it may seem that there’s no such thing as too much ice. However, you’ll think differently when it’s spilling out all over your floor.

This usually means that the sensor has gone on the blink or is a sign of some other mechanical issue.

Unplug the machine and call for help.

Water Leaks

There are two reasons that your ice machine could be leaking water.

The first is damage to the water line. This is easy to check can involve a basic repair. If you’re out of your depth with piping patchwork, call a technician to help.

Secondly, the receptacle could be faulty, allowing hot air in so the ice melts. You’ll need a technician for this one.

Get your machine checked before you have to deal with water-damage on top of your ice problems.

Stay Cool This Summer

It makes sense to give your ice machine a thorough once-over before the summer heat rolls around.

Not only will you save yourself the inconvenience of sipping on lukewarm drinks, but you could also save money on ice maker repair.

Get in touch for a free quote on ice machine repair and servicing in Decatur, Alabama.