Is professional HVAC maintenance really that important? That depends. Is reducing your energy bill and preventing HVAC breakdowns important to you?

Ignoring necessary maintenance costs you much more in the long run. To avoid this unnecessary expense, you need professional maintenance at regular intervals.

How often is that?

Keep reading to find out. Follow this HVAC maintenance schedule to keep your heating and cooling system healthy.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Keeping a proper maintenance schedule keeps your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency for the life of the unit. That saves both energy and money. It also maximizes the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

Alternatively, improper or infrequent maintenance leads to issues like clogged filters/ducts, air leaks, and breakdowns. Clogs make the unit work harder, requiring more energy to run. Air leaks waste energy by wasting some of the heated or cooled air.

When considering the expense, both long-term and month-to-month, it pays to keep your HVAC system maintained. Overall, it’s far less expensive to pay for maintenance than to not.

How Often Do You Need Professional HVAC Maintenance?

In addition to DIY maintenance, professional maintenance is required at certain times throughout the year. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance in Decatur, AL at the following intervals.

When to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

Schedule AC maintenance once a year. Do it at the end of winter/beginning of spring, before the cooling season.

When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Likewise, furnaces should also be professionally maintained once per year. Schedule furnace maintenance at the end of summer/beginning of fall. This gives you plenty of time to get your furnace tuned up before the cold winter months.

When to Schedule Maintenance for Heating and Cooling Units

Naturally, then, combination heating and cooling units should be maintained twice per year. Schedule maintenance once before cooling season and once before heating season.

Remember: you can’t save money by skipping maintenance. Skipping maintenance means an inefficient system, higher energy bills, and more frequent replacement.

When to Replace HVAC Units

Properly maintained HVAC units can last 15-20 years. Those that haven’t been well-maintained will likely need replacing after 10.

What Maintenance Should You Be Doing Yourself?

DIY HVAC maintenance is just as important as professional maintenance, and for the same reasons. Here’s what maintenance you should be doing and how often it should be done.

Checking and Changing Filters

As a general guideline, air filters should be changed every 3-6 months or as specified by the filter manufacturer. However, heavy use and/or poor air quality will cause the filter to fill with debris faster. Once filled to capacity, the filter clogs the system and reduces efficiency.

For this reason, check the condition of your air filters every 3-4 weeks. If the filter’s full, change it.

When changing filters, write the installation date on it for reference.

Checking for Air Leaks

During heating and cooling seasons, make a habit of checking for air leaks when you change your filter. Inspect any air ducts that are easily accessible. Leave any that aren’t easy to reach for the professionals.

If you notice a leaky duct, call it in. Fixing it now will reduce your monthly energy bill.

Also, check for door and window air leaks. These are easy to fix yourself without professional help.

Reprogramming the Thermostat

At the start and end of each heating and cooling season, make sure your thermostat is programmed appropriately. This prevents wasteful overuse.

Performing a System Check

Do a system check every month during heating and cooling seasons to make sure it’s working properly. Test all the functions of your thermostat, fan, and heating/cooling.

Stick to This Schedule

Don’t just read this checklist. Use it!

To save money, conserve energy, and avoid problems, stick to this HVAC maintenance schedule. If you’re overdue for professional HVAC maintenance in Decatur, AL, get a free estimate here.

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