Have you ever looked at your energy bill at the end of the month only to notice a giant leap in costs? Neglecting your HVAC system could cost you more than you realize. In fact, proper maintenance could save you 30% on your energy bill.

At the same time, you’re also reducing environmental emissions!

As a homeowner in Decatur, FL, you want to make sure your HVAC unit functions properly. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling to stand the heat.

Keep reading to discover the five HVAC system maintenance tips you need to keep your system running smoothly!

1. Replace Your Filter

The first step on your HVAC system maintenance is to check the HVAC filter. When the air filter gets clogged, the unit won’t run efficiently. The system is then forced to work even harder than normal.

Your unit might get damaged as a result fo the strain.

You might need to change your unit every 30 to 90 days. If you have a pet, their dander and fur will likely dirty the filter, too. Opening your windows often could invite pollen and pollutants in, which could also dirty the filter faster.

Consider switching your current filter out for one that’s high-efficiency and pleated. The folded design on these filters makes it easier for them to trap tiny particles.

Replacing air filters regularly will keep the air clean and your unit running efficiently.

2. Check for Damages

Make sure to check for signs of damage to your HVAC system. Look for any dents, cracks, or other signs of damage. Electrical issues sometimes occur as well.

If there is an electrical issue, make sure to call a professional. Otherwise, you could get shocked.

Using these HVAC system maintenance tips can extend the unit’s life to over 15 years!

3. Clean the Exterior

Step outside and take a look at your AC unit. Over the seasons, falling leaves and grass blades could end up dirtying the unit. Make sure to clear away the debris as part of your regular HVAC maintenance.

Clean away pollen, leaves, sticks, and other items. You might want to use a water hose to clean it thoroughly.

While you’re outside, make sure there’s nothing blocking the unit’s airflow. Cleaning your unit can help improve its lifespan.

4. Switch to Fans

You can also start lowering energy bills by turning your HVAC’s fans off.

During the summer season, try using ceiling and portable fans in your home instead. Using your interior fans will give your HVAC system a helping hand. Your home’s temperature will decrease and the air will keep circulating.

5. Schedule Routine Checks

While you can complete this HVAC system maintenance checklist alone, a professional check-up can also improve your system’s efficiency. Schedule one check in the spring and one in fall. That way, your system is prepared for the harsher seasons.

Clear the Air: 5 HVAC System Maintenance Tips for Decatur, FL Homeowners

Keep the air clean and your unit running efficiently! These HVAC system maintenance tips can lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable. Make a change with these five tips!

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