With spring comes warmer temperatures in the Decatur, AL area, and this means that you won’t be using your HVAC system as much and will likely have lower energy bills. But did you know that spring is the best time to run through a maintenance checklist for your system?

The reason for this is simple: you’re winding down on your furnace use and preparing to switch to your AC for the summer. During this down time, HVAC professionals are less busy with emergencies, meaning that if you find any issues or need an inspection done, you’re more likely to get it done quickly and at a time convenient for you.

Here’s a list of things to do this spring to keep your HVAC system running well all year:

  1. Test your AC System. No one wants to suffer from one of Decatur’s hot days because the AC system is refusing to cool your home properly! During a warmer day in the spring, it’s a good time to test your AC to make sure that cool air is coming from your vents and dehumidifying your home.
  2. Clean Your Outer AC Unit. If you have an indoor/outdoor AC system (where part of your system is outdoors) now is a good time to check around your unit and clear any weeds, debris, old tarps, or other obstructions from your unit. Doing so will ensure good air flow and will help your system to work more efficiently, avoiding higher energy bills.
  3. Change Your Filters. Though you should change your furnace filter every few months, it’s also a good idea to do so in the spring, while you’re going through your checklist. Changing furnace filters is easy, and they also help filter the air, keeping dust out of your system. This applies even when using your AC.
  4. Change Your Thermostat Battery. Your thermostat likely uses battery power, and an indicator will tell you when you need to change it. While testing your system, check your indicator and add fresh batteries if needed.
  5. Check for Water Around Your Furnace. Did you know that your furnace and AC collect humidity from the air? This is why running the AC makes your home feel less sticky. A less-known fact is that your HVAC system comes with a condensate drain, which drains the collected water from your home. This component can clog, causing puddles to form. If you find water near your furnace cabinet, you can clean the drain yourself, or call a professional to have it done at no great cost.
  6. Drain pans also collect any collected humidity and water. A puddle could mean that a pan is overflowing.
  7. Clean Your AC Coils or Have Them Cleaned. The coils in our outside unit can get dirty, especially after sitting all winter, and cleaning them will help your system run better. Professional cleanings are available, or if you’re handy, you may be able to tackle the job yourself.
  8. Schedule an Inspection and System Cleaning. Spring and fall are great times to have your HVAC system inspected for any issues that might arise during the hot or cold season. HVAC companies are less busy during these times and will be better able to make any repairs or replacements for you.


Need an Inspection or Repair? We’ve got you covered at Southeastern Mechanical Services if you’re in the Decatur, AL area. Simply contact us today if you have questions or need any help with your spring checklist.