If you’ve ever had a furnace inspection in the Decatur, AL area or anywhere else, you’ve likely heard lots of unfamiliar terms thrown around. Sure, you know what your ductwork is and what your vents are, but what about your heat exchanger, air handler, and your coil? If you need to have any repairs or replacements done, you’ll want to know what’s going on with your system so you can make an informed decision.

It’s also good to know your system so that you can narrow down issues as they arise, so you can tell your HVAC professional what’s going on with your system.

Here are some common furnace terms for its most important parts, and what they mean.

  1. Air Handler. This vital part of your system works in both the winter and the summer and includes the indoor fan that you hear running when your system is heating or cooling your home. But did you know that the air handler also includes your evaporator and condenser coils?
  1. Heat Exchanger. This barrier between your furnace flames and the rest of the system not only keeps gases out of your home, but it transfers heat to your blower, where it can then be distributed to the rest of your home. This is one of the most critical parts of your system, and if it fails, you will likely need a new furnace as a worn heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide leaks.
  1. Flue: Similar to the part in a fireplace that lets out smoke from your home, your flue carries toxic gases and waste products out of your home. It’s not a part that goes bad very often, but a clogged flue can certainly lead to health issues.
  1. Pilot Light. In gas furnaces, your pilot light is a small flame that is always burning within your system, and when it’s time for your furnace to turn on, your pilot light will ignite the gas coming into the combustion chamber. In some furnaces, it’s possible for this light to go out, preventing your furnace from working.
  1. Air Intake. This sounds like a complicated part, but it is simply an opening through which your system pulls air into your home. It doesn’t usually break, but it can get clogged with debris or otherwise obstructed, which can lead to issues with your furnace’s combustion. This is a common issue with furnaces, but it’s relatively easy to fix.
  1. Condensate Drain. Did you know that your furnace and AC system can dehumidify your home? The condensate drain collects this condensation and allows it to flow out of your home without causing issues. But like the air intake, this drain can get clogged, leading to water puddling around your system. The condensate drain is also a relatively easy and cheap fix.
  1. Control Board. This electronic component within your furnace does—you guessed it—the brainwork of your furnace. It sends electrical signals to many of your internal parts, and if something goes wrong, you’ll likely need a new control board. This part is also vital when it comes to removing exhaust fumes from your home.

Any Issues with Any Furnace Parts? Be sure to contact us at Southeastern Mechanical Services if you’re in the Decatur, AL area. We’re here to diagnose problems with any furnace part or system and get your system back up and running again.