There are two types of whole-home heaters: radiant and forced air. Radiant heat will distribute the heat by radiating it into the room through heaters throughout the home. 

Forced air heating uses a heater, fan, and a series of ducts to push the air throughout the home. 

In-Floor Radiant Heating 

This form of heating is one that you can opt for when you build your home. It requires professionals to install radiant heating coils under the floor before your final treatment gets laid. 

You can do your entire home. Most people use this option for special projects. You may see in-floor heating in a bathroom. 

Baseboard Electric Heaters 

This is one of the most common forms of electric heaters. You’ll typically find one baseboard heater in each room. These replace a whole-home system and plug into a 220v plug. 

You should still have a professional install them. However, they don’t require a furnace or ducting to work. 

You have a lot of versatility with these heaters when it comes to size and color. You can even have a wall-mounted thermostat to control them. 

Convection Heaters 

If you’re looking for energy efficiency, then you should consider convection heaters. They have a similar installation process to baseboard heaters; they need 220v power. 

However, they can use up to 30% less energy to heat your home. You’ll even find designs that offer a low profile. This makes it easier to blend them into your home. 

Portable Room Heaters 

If you’re looking for an affordable solution that doesn’t require a whole-home installation, then a portable heater may be all you need. These little heaters only require you to plug them into a wall outlet. 

Keep in mind that the majority of portable heaters you’ll find are only designed to heat a small room. They’re also not as energy efficient as the other options we’ve discussed. 

It’s best to consider a portable heater as a supplement heater. They’re great for making your immediate area a bit warmer, but not a logical solution to heat your entire home. 

Servicing Different Types of Electric Heaters

If you have one of these different types of electric heaters in your home, then we can help! We assist homeowners all over Decatur, Alabama, when getting ready for the winter months. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will inspect and make any necessary repairs. That way, when the weatherman starts talking about record temperatures again, you’re confidently cozy in your home. 

Contact us today to have your heating system serviced in preparation for the cooling temperatures.