Strange Air Conditioner Noises Never to Ignore in Your Decatur Home

Is the air conditioning unit in your Decatur home making a strange noise? 

If you’ve heard unusual sounds from your A/C, you may be concerned about what the future holds for your unit.

The average cost of an A/C unit repair is anywhere from $175 to $550, but this cost varies depending on the age of your system and your manufacturer. 

The good news is that the noises your A/C unit is making are telling you important things about your system.

Read on to learn more about air conditioner noises that you can’t afford to ignore!


A banging noise coming from your unit may mean it’s time for an air conditioner repair.

This sound is often a sign that the internal components of your system are loose. Sometimes this banging can be the sign of a small issue (i.e., a loose screw) but other times this can be a symptom of something severe (i.e., a broken blade). 

The longer your system runs with loose components inside, the more potential there is for expensive damage.

Hissing and Grinding

Hissing and grinding noises mean your unit should be looked at by an experienced A/C technician as soon as possible. 

A hissing sound from your system is a common sign that there is a refrigerant leak. If your A/C unit is low on refrigerant, this will force it to work harder to cool your Decatur home. In the most extreme cases, your unit may not be able to cool down your house at all.

Grinding is a sign that your air handler may need to be replaced completely. Your air handler serves the important function of circulating air throughout your home. If the air handler isn’t working properly, there is a risk of increased friction in your system and uncomfortable living conditions.


Your air conditioner transitions from being on and off through its cycle system. 

The length of time that your unit runs before shutting off depends on the temperature inside and outside, as well as how efficient it is running.

When you hear your system cycle on and off repeatedly in a short amount of time, this can be cause for concern. That’s because these short cycles mean your A/C unit is working harder to produce cool air.

Besides decreasing the life of your A/C system, you may notice a power bill that is higher than normal!

Wrapping Up: Repair Your Air Conditioner Today

Your air conditioner serves an important in your Decatur, AL home.

During the summer, it will help keep you and your guests cool and comfortable. But when your A/C unit begins making strange noises, it may be time to repair or replace it.

At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we are a team of trained professionals in Decatur that are ready to help you identify problems in your HVAC, air conditioning, and heating systems. We will work together with you to provide the best solutions for your problem and within your budget.

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