Did you know that the average humidity in Decatur, Alabama is around 75% from July to September? That means, of course, that there is a need to de-humidify your home or office during those months. Lowering the humidity can help you beat the heat, and here are some tips you can try in order to keep yourself, your family, and your employees comfortable during the summer months.

Take Out Indoor Plants

Indoor plants may look nice, but plants “breathe” moisture into the air. This can lead to an increase in humidity levels. Placing plants near glass can often result in condensation appearing there, as proof of this concept.

If plants can be moved outdoors or into a well-ventilated area, that may help to bring the humidity level down as well.

Use a Clothes Line

If the weather allows, drying your clothing on a clothes line can prevent your dryer from putting excess heat in your home and can also prevent extra humidity from entering as well. If using a clothes line is out of the question, then make sure that your dryer vent is clear by cleaning it once per year. A clean dryer vent will not only prevent extra humidity, but it will cut the risk of a fire, too.

Look At And Improve Ventilation

The lack of ventilation is a surefire way to increase the humidity levels in your home to uncomfortable extremes. If the weather isn’t too hot, simply opening windows and doors may be enough to remove some of that stickiness from your home or office.

Fans can also be of assistance, as they can pull in less humid air from outside. Installing fans in attics can not only help to remove heat, but can remove that humidity as well.

It may be possible to use fans to create a cross breeze, if they are positioned correctly.

Shorten Showers and Use Bathroom Fans

Showers introduce a lot of water vapor into the air, and by keeping them shorter, you may cut down on the amount that gets released into your home. Many bathrooms also have fans to vent out the vapor that enters the air, so making use of them should help as well.

Install or Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

By far the most effective way to bring the humidity down in a home or office building is to install or upgrade your AC system. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning units actually remove hot air and humidity from your home with the use of refrigerated coils. The same process that removes heat also takes out the humidity through condensation.

When humid air reaches the cool, refrigerated coils of an air conditioner, it gathers there as water droplets. This is a normal part of AC operation. After the water has condensed, the drier air is then blown back into the home or office.

Take Control Today

Even if you have a good, working air conditioner, it always pays to give it less work to do and keep it running well for as long as possible. However, if your air conditioning system is working less than efficiently or needs an upgrade, be sure to contact us if you’re in the Decatur, Alabama area. We’re here to help with all of your cooling and dehumidifying needs.