Summers in the Decatur, Alabama area get hot and miserable at times, and that means needing to turn up the air conditioning during those months.

During the winter, the furnace comes into play, and its age and efficiency can contribute to energy costs as well. The average temperature during the winter months ranges from the low fifties to the low thirties, making both AC and heat a necessity.

If electricity costs are climbing, it may be a good idea to upgrade both systems at once. Doing so has several benefits that may outweigh the cost of replacement and upgrading both systems, which work together to keep your Decatur-area home comfortable.

Replacing Now Gives You Time to Choose

When a heating and cooling system breaks beyond repair, the discomfort that follows may rush many buyers into choosing a less-than-ideal system for their home. As replacing an entire HVAC system is expensive, it is best to take the time to choose the right system for the right price.

Saving Money in The Long Run

No one likes high energy bills, but did you know that a new, energy-efficient system can shave up to $200 per year from a utility bill? These costs add up over the years and will help to pay for replacing your system year-round.

Repairs are often expensive for older HVAC systems no matter where you live and upgrading to a new system will greatly reduce the need for repairs, further saving money. After replacing your system, both units will be under warranty for any defects or issues that may arise.

Cutting Down on Labor Costs

Replacing both the AC and furnace at the same time will also save on labor costs, if the plan is to nix both old systems within the next few years. Waiting to replace the furnace and the AC at different times will mean double the labor costs, and sometimes material costs as well.

This may also be a good idea when both systems are difficult to reach or complex.

Improved Efficiency

Everyone wants their HVAC system to work at peak efficiency, which will effectively cool or heat a home. Newer air conditioning units and furnaces are more efficient than those of the past and won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. Look for the Energy Star rating on these products.

Better Matching

In some cases, it is best not to mix and match new and old systems. If a furnace is over 15 years old and the AC unit is new, then both units may have to work harder in order to keep your home cool, and vice versa.

If both units are older, it may be best to replace both at the same time, so that the new technology in both units can complement the system as a whole and work together at maximum efficiency. This will also help to prevent constant repairs on the system, which can make the bills add up.

Get Started on Your Decatur-Area System Today

Replacing an entire heating and cooling system can be a daunting task, but with the right planning, you can keep your Decatur, Alabama home comfortable for many years to come. To get started, contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.