Seasons change, and the Decatur, Alabama area is no exception. From September to March, nighttime temperatures can drop to the point where heating is needed for comfort. And from November to February, daytime heating is often needed as well, as the average high temperature is only in the low fifties.

With lowering temperatures comes higher energy bills, and no one wants that. However, using a smart thermostat can help to lower those costs during the cooler months. Here are four ways one can lower their energy bill in Decatur.

What Do Smart Thermostats Do?

A smart thermostat does the same thing a normal one does, but it gives the homeowner more options when it comes to heating and cooling.

Smart thermostats often allow the owner to adjust the temperature from a mobile app, and they can be programmed to run less at certain times, such as during work hours or at night. According to Energy Star, this can lead to an average savings of $100 per year, though this number will depend on how much energy is normally used.

There are a few ways smart thermostats can save money in the long run. Certain features will aid the homeowner in improving energy efficiency.

Start With Energy Reports

Smart thermostats often have what’s called an energy report—that is, the owner can access it to see when the HVAC system is using the most energy. These reports can typically be found online, and they are valuable for finding areas where energy efficiency can improve.

Such reports can also highlight whether more energy is being used than normal and help to prevent higher electric bills during the following months. They can also point out when the thermostat can be lowered, which will aid with programming the thermostat for the correct times.

Setting the Temperature While Away

Using an app, the owner can lower a home or building’s temperature while everyone is away, say on vacation. Apps can also be used to check energy reports, alter temperature ranges, and change the heating schedule on the go. Using a remote app can also work well when manually adjusting the temperature is hard to remember each day.

They Are Easy to Use

Smart thermostats need to be intuitive and easy to program. Some can even provide walkthroughs while setting up, so that learning the interface is simple.

Many have touch screens that are easy to see and use, versus a normal thermostat. This makes programming them easier.

Smart Thermostats Can Learn

In some cases, smart thermostats make use of sensors to determine when no one is inside of a home or building, and then it can switch to a more energy-efficient mode. Others make use of phone GPS data to determine when the homeowner has left the area and will move to a lower setting on their own.

Smart thermostats can also “learn” what an owner’s preferences are over time and adjust the temperature accordingly. This is very useful when remembering to manually adjust a thermostat is difficult.

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