What if you bought a walk in cooler and “walked in” to a huge mistake?

A walk in cooler freezer is necessary for many different businesses. However, there are a few things you should know before you buy a new one.

Wondering what you need to know before you take out your credit card? Keep reading to discover the answer!

The Storage Question

Picking out the best walk in cooler involves answering an important question: what will you be storing inside?

As a freezer, the walk in is obviously designed to store frozen foods. If you need to also store fresh food, you may need to consider getting a separate walk in refrigerator or other refrigerator option.

If you have a variety of refrigeration needs, make sure you have everything covered.

Size Requirements

When shopping for a walk in cooler, size matters. And by that, we mean the size of the freezer as well as the size of your business.

Generally, your freezer should have 1.5 cubic feet for every meal you intend to store inside. Obviously, a restaurant will need a very large walk in, but a modest corporate office may need something smaller.

The big goal here is to avoid “overkill” on your purchase. You may need more room than you have inside a conventional fridge, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy the largest possible walk in.

And the size of the walk in may affect compliance issues surrounding the product.

In Or Out

Another big question to answer is where this walk in cooler is going to be. Specifically, will you be keeping it inside or outside?

Obviously, any freezer you keep outdoors is going to consume a lot more power. And you must buy a model that has sufficient protection from the elements.

For example, rain roofs can protect the freezer from precipitation. Additionally, all-weather controls can help you to customize your settings according to the climate and better protect the food you are storing.

Keep in mind it is difficult to modify an indoor walk in for outdoors use. If you need an outdoor walk in cooler freezer, it’s best to just buy the model that you need features like appropriate weather stripping.

Feature Rich

Unfortunately, climate may still be an issue even if you’re keeping the freezer indoors. This means that you may need to get a walk in with certain features depending on where you live.

Some areas are very humid all year round. You would need to worry about condensation with your walk in unless you get a model offering heated glass on its doors.

In an area without such humidity, however, you’d be wasting your money on such a feature. Long story short, you’ll need to do homework about your region before you make your purchase.

Walk In Cooler Freezer Tips: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to buy a new walk in cooler freezer. But do you know who can help keep it working like new for many years?

We specialize in helping local businesses keep their “cool” through our installation and repair services. To see how we can help your business, simply contact us today!