Are you looking for the best way to cool your home effectively and efficiently? A split system AC may be a great option to consider.

A split system AC isn’t like a window unit or a central unit. Its installation and function differ in ways that you may find preferable.

To learn more about how this air conditioning system works and its advantages, check out this handy list of split system benefits.

What is a Split System AC?

A split system AC, also called a mini-split AC, consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit houses a fan that takes in warm air from the home and cools it using refrigerant gas that has been compressed and condensed into a cold liquid by the outdoor unit. Once the air is cooled, it’s sent back into the room.

These split systems can include multiple units depending on the size and layout of the house. Unlike central AC units, they do not require ducts.

Why should you consider a ductless mini-split? Read on to find out.

1. Ease of Installation

The installation of a split system AC does not require ductwork. These systems are installed with the indoor unit on one side of the wall and the outdoor unit on the other.

It is required that a hole be made in the side of the house for mini-split unit installation. This is because the indoor unit is directly connected to the outdoor condenser.

2. Efficiency

A split system AC is more efficient than a window unit or central system. Unlike a window AC, a mini-split can cool more than one room while using only one outdoor condenser unit.

When compared to a central AC, mini-splits are more efficient because no cool air is lost due to heat exchange in the ducts. The cooled air goes into the room directly.

Central units must pump cooled air through long ducts to multiple locations, which can warm the air because of heat outside of the ducts. This requires the unit to run longer, using extra energy to reach the desired temperature.

3. Flexible Cooling

Ductless AC systems allow for individual rooms to have cooling units. This means you’re able to cool the rooms you’re using instead of a large general area. This saves energy and money.

Since every cooled area has a thermostat, different rooms can be set to different temperatures, keeping everyone comfortable.

4. Ductless AC Operates Quietly

Window units are notoriously loud to operate. Central units aren’t much better, as air forced through the ducts tends to be noisy.

ductless AC operates quietly because the fan is located in the outdoor condenser unit. Also, the air isn’t being forced through ducts. You’ll get cool air without having to crank up the TV volume.

5. Easy to Maintain

Split system AC maintenance is straightforward. Generally, keeping the outside of the unit clean and making sure coils, pipes, and the condenser are clean is enough. Often the filters for the unit can be changed by the homeowners with no professional assistance.

Split System AC for Comfort and Efficiency

A split system AC could be an excellent cooling solution for your home. Not only does it help cool more efficiently, but these systems also give you more control over which rooms are cooled.

If you’re interested in finding out more, give us a call today! Let our experienced professionals install a split system that will keep you comfortable when the temperature rises.