When you live in Decatur, AL, keeping your home cooler in the summer is detrimental to surviving the brutal heat. Delaying to perform some HVAC troubleshooting, can cause a lot of problems. Some of these include- a rise in your utility bills, damaged central heating, and a/c unit, and can cause excess moisture in your home from the humidity.

It’s suggested that you should have an HVAC repairman come by once a year to service your unit, so you keep any potential problems from happening. Not everyone follows their advice, which can lead to headaches later on. We’re going to talk about some things that every homeowner should check on before the summer heat gets into full swing.

Signs That You Need HVAC Troubleshooting

But how do you know if something is going on with your central heating and a/c unit? There are a few signs that will catch your attention enough to start troubleshooting the problem. Below are three of the most common signs that there is a problem with your HVAC unit, so you know what to look for in the future before calling your local HVAC company.

Your Home Is Either Too Hot or Too Cold

If there are places around your home that are hotter or cooler than the rest of your house, then it’s a good sign that your HVAC unit is having problems. Maybe your central heating and cooling unit are turning on and off too often, making your home feel less than comfortable. Check to see if your filter needs a good cleaning, and once you remove any debris.

Sometimes it can also be clogged ductwork, or you have furniture covering your air registers that will cause the problem. So a simple vacuuming out your ducts or moving your furniture around that will solve the issue. If you try these solutions and your unit is still giving you trouble, then it is time to call your local specialist.

You Hear Noise in Your System

Do you hear some strange rattling while watching your favorite tv show? It could be a loose screw or bolt inside your unit. Air conditioning units are supposed to remain relatively quiet when they’re running. If you hear the noise of any kind, you may have a problem.

Sometimes you may have pests like bees, mice, birds, and other critters hanging around inside of your central heating unit. If you hear noises such as flapping, buzzing, or scratching, it’s very probable that an animal has made your air conditioner a sweet little home. It’s essential that you contact your local HVAC technician when you begin hearing noises of any kind, so they can professionally solve the problem before it gets worse.

Your System Isn’t Smelling Too Great.

When your home begins to smell like must and mildew, it means that your air conditioner is the wrong size and the humidity in your home is on the rise. Mold and mildew can cause a lot of problems, including respiratory, allergies, and the possibility of heat stroke, if the temperatures in the home are too high. Sometimes having the wrong sized air conditioning unit will cause your home to have much-unneeded humidity to happen.

When Should You Call Your Local HVAC Company

There are times where you need to contact your local HVAC technician to troubleshoot any problems is when you had troubleshot any potential issues and did all your do-it-yourself tasks for your unit that you could do without calling a professional first. Homeowners should also contact their local HVAC company to get their unit serviced each year, so everything is running smoothly for the upcoming summer months.

Contact the Number One HVAC Company in the Area

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