It’s that time of the year again, filled with changing autumn leaves, candy, and winterizing your home for the colder months.

Winters in the Decatur, AL area can get down to close to freezing at night, meaning that heat is a must for your home. Maintaining your HVAC system is important when it comes to keeping your heat going for years to come, with minimal interruptions. Winterizing your system is simple, and the time to do it is while the weather is still fairly mild.

Here are some quick tips to winterize your furnace and keep it running well all year long.

Schedule an Inspection and Cleaning. Ideally, you should have an HVAC professional inspect and clean your unit each year. This is typically done in the fall or in the spring, when the unit is not in as much use and when it is more convenient to correct any mechanical issues that may arise. A professional will clean your unit and inspect components such as the heat exchanger, blower fan, and thermostat. A professional will also check for leaks and other issues that could raise your electricity bill.

Turn On Your Furnace a Few Times Before Winter. It’s good to make sure everything seems to be in working order before winter arrives, and you discover that your heat isn’t working as well as it should. If there is an issue, taking care of it before it’s an emergency will save you a lot of stress.

Cover Your Outdoor Unit, if Applicable. Debris such as weeds, dead grass, ice, and other outdoor waste can accumulate near your HVAC system’s outdoor unit (which is typically used for air conditioning) and cause a drop in performance when the weather warms up again. Covering this unit will keep it clean and working well months from now. Be sure to only do this when the AC is no longer in use.

Create Climate Zones Now for Lower Energy Bills. If you have a smart thermostat, mini-split system, or otherwise have the means to cool individual rooms or parts of your house, setting up climate zones now will help you lower energy costs in the winter. You can, for example, lower the temperature on the second floor while increasing the heating on the first floor, taking advantage of simple physics to evenly heat your home. Or you can cut heat to less-used rooms of your home and direct it to more commonly used areas.

Change the Furnace Filter. This is the easiest task when it comes to winterizing your furnace. A good, clean filter will help keep debris out of your furnace and keep the air clean of allergens and other irritants. Furnace filters are inexpensive and easy to replace, as there is often an obvious slot for the filter to go. Be sure to check the old filter for the correct dimensions (listed on the cardboard frame of the filter) and pay attention to the MERV rating. Higher numbers block smaller particles and work more effectively.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment Today. If you live in the Decatur, AL area and are looking to schedule your yearly inspection and maintenance, be sure to reach out to us today to get started. We’re also here to troubleshoot and repair any HVAC issues that may arise.