Air quality in Decatur, Alabama and surrounding areas may not be as severe as in several major cities, but it is certainly an issue, indoors and outdoors, all year long. Things such as pollutants, pollen, dust, and ozone can all affect air quality, indoors and out. Haze, smoke, and even indoor solvents and cleaners can contribute to poor air quality as well. Everyone is different, and what may affect one person may not affect another.

There are a few good reasons for getting an air quality test done in your home and building. Your health and comfort may depend on it.

Guard Your Everyday Health. Did you know poor air quality can lead not just to stuffy noses and sneezing, but to headaches and nausea as well? It can even lead to asthma in younger populations such as children.

Getting air tested can tell you which pollutants and allergens you need to eliminate. Allergens such as pollen can be combated by using air conditioning or investing in an air purifier, while smoke can be removed from a home by having you and guests smoke outdoors or quit smoking altogether.

Save Money. Who knew getting an air quality test would save money? These tests can help identify ventilation issues which not only make pollutants pool in your home, but also force your HVAC system to work harder year-round and waste energy. There could also be leaks in the system allowing indoor air and irritants to come into your home, and this could also waste money.

Cut Down on Bad Smells. No one wants to smell pet odors, dust, or other irritants in a home, especially when coming home from a long day at work. An air quality test will indirectly test the ventilation system that should sweep these smells from your home. If there is an issue, an exhaust fan may need replacing, or ducts may need repair.

Guests will also appreciate testing the air for any issues.

Find Potentially Deadly Issues Early. Testing may also reveal more insidious threats such as carbon monoxide or radon, a radioactive gas which may pool in low-lying areas such as basements. These can lead to more serious short- and long-term health issues. Carbon monoxide can cause poisoning over time, while radon is the top cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

Asbestos is also a threat in older buildings and homes, as it was often used in insulation many decades ago. Finding this substance will allow you to address the issue before health problems begin.

Improve Productivity. Comfort leads to improved productivity when it comes to work, and that includes working from home or in another building. If you manage a commercial building, consider indoor air testing if employees are complaining of allergies, headaches, and other symptoms, especially if they only occur in one building.

Getting air testing done can therefore quickly pay for itself in the form of improved performance, happier workers, and less employee turnover.

If you work from home, consider air testing if you feel better when you leave, and have symptoms return when you get back home.

Get Started Today. If you have any questions about whether you need air quality testing, or concerns about the quality of the air in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Southeastern Mechanical Services. We’re here to service the Decatur and surrounding North Alabama areas.