It’s the thing everyone dreads during the Decatur, Alabama summer. You step over your vent to get some cool air, only to discover that your AC is blowing room-temperature or even hot air, seemingly straight from outside.

Obviously, something is wrong with your system, and you’ll want to get it fixed before you spend days in sweltering heat. Finding the possible cause will help you and your HVAC professional pin down the issue quickly and get your home cooling again.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Set on Cool or Isn’t Low Enough. Always check the simplest explanation before going to more complex causes of this issue. It’s possible your thermostat is set on fans only, or another setting that makes your system circulate air through your home and nothing more. Double check the settings on your thermostat, as someone in your home could have switched the mode simply to clear the house of an unpleasant smell.

Every thermostat is different, so you’ll want to check yours to make sure it’s on the correct setting. You can also try setting your temperature five degrees lower to see if that fixes the problem.

Your Compressor Coils Are Dirty. These coils can be found in your outdoor AC unit, and when they get dirty, they can cause your unit to blow warmer air than normal. Similar issues can happen with refrigerators.

These coils can be cleaned professionally, and this will remove any debris that is impacting your AC unit’s ability to cool the air circulating through your home.

Also ensure your outdoor AC unit isn’t choked with weeds or other obstructions, which can cut down on air flow and make your system work harder.

Refrigerant is Leaking. The same coils use refrigerant to cool the air in your home before circulating it back through. Sometimes, this can leak from the coils. Most often, this happens gradually, and you’ll notice a decrease in your air conditioner’s performance over time. This issue can also become obvious when you spot frost in your unit, which can also occur due to other issues.

Refrigerant issues will require a professional to address.

Duct Leaks and Clogged Air Filters. Ducts can leak, letting cool air escape your home before it reaches the desired destination. Clogged air filters, when left for a long time, can also impede air flow through your system. Check your filters, and if this doesn’t fix the issue, have your ducts checked. Not only can leaking ducts reduce the comfort level in your home, but they can increase your energy bill as well.

Failing Compressor. The compressor is the heart of your AC system, and once it fails, your AC unit will generally need replacing. Your compressor is key to managing the refrigerant in your system and ensuring that it can cool the air that’s passing through it.

A professional will be able to identify this issue and recommend a course of action should the compressor be an issue. A new system will certainly help to lower energy bills and improve your comfort.

Troubleshoot Your Cooling Issues Today. At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we’re here to make sure your home or business stays comfortable year-round in the Decatur, AL area and beyond. Contact us today if you’re having any issues with your system, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.