Getting new ductwork sounds like, well, a lot of work. But if you’re installing ductwork in a new home or replacing an old system to match a new HVAC unit, the process will be roughly the same.

New ductwork will also help your energy bill in the long run, since you won’t contend with any leaks, and your HVAC professionals will test the system to make sure everything’s running properly. Good ductwork can prevent losing hundreds of dollars a year to energy bills.

Here’s what to expect when you’re getting new ductwork installed.

Often, New Ducts Come with A New System. Your new ductwork installation may come with a new HVAC system, such as a new furnace or air conditioner. This is to ensure that everything works properly, as improperly sized ducts can cause performance issues.

So, your HVAC professional in Decatur Alabama may check your system before installation to determine if new ducts are necessary if you’re replacing an HVAC system. Be sure to have an in-person assessment to get an accurate estimate.

Expect Plenty of Preparation on Installation Day. Your HVAC professionals will check your home on installation day to determine the best course of action and will protect your home by laying down tarps and foot coverings. Be sure that children and pets are out of the way during this process.

Once set up, your pros will remove the old system and dispose of it. Cleanup is also part of the process to prepare the area.

Duct Retrofits Will Happen Before a New System is Installed. If your existing ductwork needs updating for a new furnace or AC unit, this will occur before the new system is installed. How much labor this will take will depend on your home, and where your ducts are located.

In some cases, pros will need to do some additional work to reach your ducts, but this should be included in a detailed estimate. This is especially true in cramped spaces such as attics or crawlspaces. However, in most homes, ducts are easy to access, so there will be no need to remove walls or cut through ceilings.

New Vents May Be Needed. It’s possible you’ll need new vents added if your home has an extension, or if you’re being retrofitted to accommodate a new AC and furnace. Ducts will need to be run to these areas to cool or heat them efficiently.

Overall, you can expect the duct installation process to take one or two days, or possibly more, depending on the complexity of the job. You’ll need to change your schedule to accommodate.

Testing and Education. The final steps of the ductwork installation process (and by extension, the HVAC system process) is to test the system to ensure air flows properly through your home. If the air pressure and flow look good, an HVAC professional will show you how to use your system, which may also include a new thermostat. Any issues that crop up at this time will be addressed.

Have Questions? At Southeastern Mechanical Services in Decatur, AL, we’re here to help you stay comfortable no matter what the season. If you have questions about whether your ductwork needs replacement or repair, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We can help answer your questions and determine which type of ductwork you’ll need.