No one wants to have issues with their air conditioning during the Decatur, Alabama summer, in which temperatures in August alone can rise to the eighties or above.

Therefore, you’ll want to know the most common issues that afflict AC systems in the Decatur area during this time of the year.

Your AC Doesn’t Work at All. There’s nothing worse than air conditioning that doesn’t turn on at all. But did you know the problem might not even be the unit itself?

Your thermostat tells your unit when to turn on, and when this goes on the fritz, your AC unit essentially loses its “brain.” It won’t function at all.

Many homeowners forget that thermostats use batteries to run, so a thermostat that doesn’t work might simply need a change of batteries. This may mean pulling the thermostat off the wall and replacing them. Try this first and set the thermostat to cool, and if this doesn’t work, it’s time to call a professional. Often, a new thermostat will get your system up and running again.

The Unit Is Noisy. Other than the fans, you shouldn’t hear any screeching sounds coming from your unit. Since it uses a fan, it’s possible for belts and bearings to wear out over time, causing a nuisance. Rattling sounds can come from a few different issues, ranging from the condenser to the compressor.

You’ll want to get such issues fixed before a mechanical failure occurs, and your AC loses the ability to cool your home. In most cases, calling a professional is the safest bet for diagnosing the exact issue.

Some Rooms Are Hotter Than Others. This may be an issue more with ductwork than your AC unit, or it could simply be that some rooms are farther than others from the unit, forcing it to work harder.

Check for closed vents, clogged vents, and leaks if you are able, and get them repaired to improve air flow to certain rooms. Another issue may be insulation or leaky windows, which may be easy to fix with caulking, heat tape, or other methods.

Your Unit Blows Hot Air. No one wants this issue, and there are a few different causes. Leaking refrigerant, a failing compressor, a faulty thermostat, and a dirty AC unit can all cause your unit to blow warm or hot air through the vents.

To troubleshoot, check the simpler issues first, such as the thermostat and its settings. Make sure it’s set to cool, and that it’s set to the desired temperature. Checking for obstructions around your AC unit is also something you can do on your own. If these aren’t the issue, you’ll want to call a professional.

Water Is Leaking Around Your Unit. Air conditioners collect water as condensation to dehumidify a home or building, and water around your unit generally indicates a clogged condensate line, which should sweep any collected water outdoors. You’ll want to unclog the line or have a professional do it, and then you can get your unit working properly again.

Address These Common Issues Today. At Southeastern Mechanical Services, we see these common AC issues and more every day and know how to address each one quickly and safely. If you’re having an AC issue you can’t safely solve on your own, reach out to us today, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.