A furnace is something you can find in just about every home in this country.

Most people take theirs for granted, though. They turn the thermostat up and the furnace kicks on. Within a short amount of time, the house is warm.

Do you wish your furnace worked like this?

Does it seem like your house is never as warm as you’d like it to be?

If your furnace doesn’t seem to be doing the job, it could be due to a number of different reasons.

One common cause of this problem is a small furnace. If your furnace isn’t big enough for your house, it will never be able to keep your house warm.

Do you suspect this is the problem? If so, let me explain why a small furnace cannot keep up, the results you may experience, and the solution for fixing this problem.

A Small Furnace Can’t Provide Enough Heat

When an HVAC company installs a furnace in a house, they are supposed to size the system. To do this, they use several key factors about the house including the size, number of rooms, and layout. From there, they determine the right size.

If the company didn’t calculate this properly and used a furnace that was smaller than what was needed, you will always have problems warming your house.

A furnace can only create so much heat. If the furnace isn’t big enough for the house, it will never be able to meet the demands of the thermostat. It simply can’t produce more heat than what it was built to produce.

You’ll End Up With a Cold House and High Energy Bills

If your furnace is too small, you may notice two key things:

  1. You will have difficulties reaching the temperature you desire.
  2. Your energy bills will be really high.

Because a small furnace cannot produce enough heat, your house will probably always be cold. In fact, you may never be able to reach the temperature you set your thermostat to, especially during cold spells.

Your energy bills will be high because your furnace will keep running as an attempt to warm your house up to the temperature listed on the thermostat. Your furnace may run constantly during the winter and this will cause expensive utility bills.

The End Result Is a Furnace That Wears Out Quickly

When a furnace runs way more than it should, it leads to it wearing out prematurely.

A furnace generally lasts 15 years, but a furnace that is too small and runs constantly may only last a fraction of this amount of time.

The Solution – Get a New Furnace That Is Sized Appropriately

Do you feel like your home has a small furnace and that this is the cause of your heating problems? If so, we can help.

Replacing your furnace to a new one will result in having a furnace that can easily keep up with the demands of your thermostat and will cost less to operate.

If you live in Decatur, AL, or the surrounding area, and would like to have your system inspected and evaluated, call us today. We’d love to give you a quote for a furnace replacement.