Has your furnace been making strange noises, hasn’t been warming your home properly, or seems to need an unlimited amount of repairs?

It may be time to replace it. Although it may seem cost-effective for the short-term, constantly repairing your old furnace only leads to higher utility bills and fixes that are merely a bandaid.

Read on for the top five signs it’s time to ditch furnace repair in Decatur, AL and start looking for a new one!

1. It’s Old

Sometimes, it’s just not worth continually doing repairs when your furnace has already outlived its projected lifetime. Most furnaces have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, but it’s recommended to start looking one around the 15-year mark to be on the safe side.

Once it’s around 15 years old, key components such as the heat exchanger or control module are more likely to fail. At that point, it’s far more cost-effective to just invest in a more efficient model than to throw your money at costly repairs.

2. High Energy Bills

Even if your furnace doesn’t need any immediate repairs, you’ll find that your energy bills are higher when compared to Decatur households with newer furnaces. Of course, your utility bill also depends on the insulation of your house and energy usage, but because of the more efficient models today you’ll see at least a modest reduction in your current bill.

3. Noisy Furnace

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to say goodbye to your old furnace is when it starts making loud noises that become increasingly more noticeable. Here are a few signs:

  • Rattling: This indicates that some parts of its construction aren’t secure, from the motor to the ductwork.
  • Popping: This could indicate a dirty furnace or damaged air ducts. Either ducts are expanding or contracting, or dirt is preventing your burners from igniting, causing gas buildup.
  • Humming: Fan motors are expected to make some noise, but they may need to be replaced if it becomes too loud.
  • Squealing: This usually indicates there’s an issue with the furnace’s blower wheel – it may have come loose or broken off.

While all of these issues can be fixed, if your furnace is diagnosed with more than a couple of issues, you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth the future headaches.

4. Soot

Soot around your furnace registers indicates that there’s too much CO2 in the system, which means that they’re having a harder time controlling the flow of air. Not only do you not want to constantly be cleaning up soot off your furniture and floor, but it can also cause respiratory issues and dry eyes.

5. Expensive Repairs

Last but not least, if you’re constantly repairing your furnace, it may not actually be cost-effective. Start browsing some newer furnaces on the market, then keep a note of their average prices. If your repairs are 50% of that cost (or more), that’s a strong indication a new one will give you more bang for your buck.

Save Your Money with Constant Furnace Repair

The smart way to decide whether furnace repair or a new furnace in Decatur, AL is necessary is to simply keep track of your costs. With the cost of your utility bills and repairs combined, this is all you need to tell you whether continued repairs are worth it.

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