Utility bills aren’t just for homeowners, unfortunately. Almost all types of businesses use heating and cooling, and during Decatur, AL’s cooler months, this means heating expenses. And because most businesses are larger than single-family homes, this also means higher heating bills.

These costs can cut into your business profits, which will make everyone unhappy and can lead to cutting back on other vital expenses, such as new equipment and wages. So, how do you lower that office heating bill? These tips will get you on your way.

Some simple ways to lower your office heating bill are to:

  1. Find the Right Temperature
  2. Use a Smart Thermostat
  3. Let In the Sun
  4. Utilize Your Space Well
  5. Invest in Zoned Heating

Tip #1: Find the Right Temperature. Did you know that 68 degrees is an ideal temperature to set your office in the winter? At this temperature, most people will be comfortable.

Of course, this temperature is ideal for business hours. During slower times or when the office is closed, try turning down the thermostat several degrees. Did you know that you can save about 10% on your heating bill when you turn down your thermostat for eight hours per day? Try adjusting it by 7 to 10 degrees for the biggest benefits.

Tip #2: Use A Smart Thermostat. Smart thermostats are making waves by reducing energy bills in homes. They’re also great for offices, and they can learn the best times for turning the heat up or down for maximums savings. And if you manage your office, there are options for controlling the heating and cooling remotely via an online connection. Smart thermostats are useful for those with busy schedules who may not always remember to adjust the heat.

Tip #3: Let In the Sun. Offices benefit from receiving sunlight in many ways. First, it boosts employee morale and productivity, especially during the winter months when the sun sets earlier. And secondly, the sun provides free, natural heating when it pours through a window. As most offices are open during the day, there’s an opportunity to utilize this free, natural resource to cut down on energy bills, and reduce the need for heating (and lighting!) during the day.

Tip #4: Utilize Your Space Well. One thing that leads to high heating bills is heating a large space. If your office is larger, and some areas aren’t used all the time, consider rearranging your office or workers so that you don’t have to heat all of that space.

Such an arrangement can be temporary or permanent. You can close off vents to certain rooms or sections of your office if you are able to make such arrangements.

Tip #5: Invest in Zoned Heating. New systems on the market allow you to heat or cool only certain parts of your building if desired. Mini-splits are ductless heating/cooling units that mount onto a wall, and deliver heat (or AC) to a specific room. Some thermostats allow the creation of heating and cooling zones within a building. Together, such a system can allow you to heat or cool only certain areas at certain times, drastically cutting down energy costs.

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