Of course, you’ll need to use your thermostat during the colder months in Decatur, AL. Most of the time, your heat will turn on just fine, but you’ll get an occasional scare where you don’t hear the relaxing sound of warm air coming through your vents.

What do you do now? Does this mean a service call?

The good news is that the problem could be very simple and perhaps even free to fix. Your thermostat will be the first thing to check when your heat doesn’t come on as normal. This checklist will guide you through the process.

Item #1: Check the Auto setting.

If you’ve been in a hurry or live with others, it’s possible that someone turned off the heat or changed the mode. Your thermostat should be seat on “heat.” If it’s set on “auto,” you may get heatless air coming from your vents, as this causes the fan to run on its own.

Item #2: Check the programming.

Do you have a smart thermostat? Smart thermostats and programmable models are great for energy savings, though they require a bit of effort to set up. Perhaps you’re home on a day where you’re normally away, and your smart thermostat thinks it’s time to turn your temperature down. Simply manually adjust and see if your heat comes on.

Item #3: Look at the Battery.

Did you know that some thermostats run on simple batteries? These can, of course, run out over time, and you may see a blinking icon when they do. If this is the case, simply change the batteries to a fresh set, and try turning the heat on again.

Item #4: Check the Power.

Did you know that tripping a breaker is another common cause for your thermostat not working? Besides corrosion and loose/broken wiring, excess power draw can happen, particularly if high-power appliances are running on the same circuit as your thermostat. If you’ve just run a hair dryer, microwave, or portable heater, check the breaker. If one of the breakers doesn’t look like the rest, reset it and recheck your thermostat. If your breaker continues to trip even after adjusting your power use, call an electrician.

Item #5: Your older thermostat needs to be straightened.

Some thermostats use mercury to measure the temperature, and if that thermostat is crooked, it might not turn on, or run too much. Simply remount it on the wall and make sure it’s level.

Only older thermostats still use mercury, however, and it may be a good idea to replace such models altogether. Exchanging your old thermostat for a smart thermostat will help save on your energy bills.

Item #6: Clean if Necessary.

Thermostats can get dirty with dust, grime, and corrosion, which may impede their ability to sense the temperature. This problem is easy to check for. Just cut the power to the thermostat, remove the cover, and clean the interior with a can of air to remove dust that you can’t otherwise reach. Once done, reinstall your thermostat and try using the heat again.

What if There’s Still No Heat?

If you can’t find the cause of your heat disappearing, we’re here to help. Southeastern Mechanical Services in Decatur, Alabama will help you find a new thermostat if you need one and will help you address other issues with your system. Most often, the issue will be inexpensive. Be sure to contact us today if you need assistance.